Process, Result and Purpose; Recipes for a happy life



I have always wondered why some extremely rich people take their life after amassing such wealth.

About two hours ago, I stumbled on a video on you tube which featured my best pastor, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, one of my favourite actors Williams Uchemba and one of Nigeria's best actor Banky W.

They were talking about fame, faith and family.

There was something Williams said and it got my attention

It is not about the pay but the purpose

A lot of people don't understand this concept as most people in my generation are too busy focused on the result that they forget purpose.(I am totally guilty of this top)

I am not so rich but I am pretty comfortable.

And what I have discovered in this comfort is that when there is no purpose in the way we live, we end up getting frustrated.

Lack of purpose is one reason why people take their life.

It is also the reason why people give up on their dreams.

A lot of people just look at result without looking at the purpose for having that result.

This brings me to what Banky W said "After having so much money, I still felt wretched because what appeared as success outwardly felt like failure inwardly"

Living without purpose is one of the easiest pathways to getting depressed.

I feel every person should try to live a life of purpose.

Karen Foo once said that the reason why most Forex traders stop or give up or do risky trades is because they do not have any purpose.

They are only focused on the result which is money.

Money is the result but what the money will be used for is the purpose.

She went on to say why she wanted to get the money. And it was evident that her purpose was what kept on driving her.

Another important concept is process

What you do before getting the money is called the process.

It is sad that a lot of people don't want to pass through the process before getting the result.

This is really a mindset that I can't seem to understand.

You want to get so much money on hive but you don't want to engage, you don't meant to have more skunk in the game.

It really never works without the process.

This habit of wanting to jump the process is what leads to a lot of illegal things done by youths in order to get money.

Trusting process, getting results and being purposeful are the keys to living a happy life.

I am at a point where self discovery is top on my list and being consistent with it what I aim for.

Thank you for reading.

You could watch the video here.