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I'm generally pretty good at keeping most things backed up and stashed away... but there have been quite a number of Ethereum L2s that I've been toying around with over the last half year... and with the chaos of moving, I've not really been quite up to scratch with the bookkeeping. That has meant that there have been some wallets/addresses that I've not really backed up somewhere... or I've done it in a hurry, and forgotten what I've done with them.

Now, generally that isn't terrible from a short term point of view... as long as I have access to the wallet, then I can always back it up at a later date... this is definitely terrible practice, and a really bad habit... but when you are short of time, sometimes it is the only way. Of course, that is quite dependent on having the discipline to go back and do the back up!

... and as we say in crypto, not your keys, not your crypto... generally, we use that to refer to custodial wallets like exchanges. However, crypto-land is definitely a personal responsibility thing first... and, there is no one else to blame if you have stupidly forgotten to back up something...

... and your laptop decides to hack up and die!

So, as I had mentioned earlier in a previous post .. my laptop, that had been using to toy around with a few things whilst I was on tour... had decided it would be a great time to have the SSD with the operating system go funny and refuse to boot. Well.. it does boot, about 10 percent of the time.

As I was thinking about what I needed to get off the computer... I just remembered that I had set up an Argent wallet as a Chrome extension in order to play around with the StarkNet Layer 2 for Ethereum that was around on Goerli testnet... and now has migrated to the Ethereum Mainnet as well.

I definitely remembered creating and linking a Metamask and Argent address... and I think that I had definitely bridged some ETH to test it out (and to possibly get some kudos for being an early test dummy). I vaguely remember there being very little to do as well...

... but now that my laptop had crashed, I was hunting around for a way to restore the Argent wallet on a different computer. And this is when I discovered that I hadn't backed up the bloody thing! So, I've spent the better part of this evening trying to hunt down the seed phrase, or a json file that would restore the wallet... I know that I had a passphrase for accessing the wallet, but that wouldn't be good enough unless I found that json file. And the seed phrase would be more than enough to access everything.

After rooting around physically and digitally for a few hours... I finally decided to try booting from that defective SSD again... just on the off chance it was detected and I could fire up Argent on the laptop and pull the seed/json. Thankfully, I did manage after about 5 attempts... and...

... I discovered that I was an idiot! I had deployed the Argent wallet... but there wasn't enough ETH allowance in the global alpha bridge for me to bridge any ETH over... I checked the block explorer... and sure enough, I didn't manage to bridge ETH after deploying the contract.

Sigh... so, all that time was completely wasted... I have a deployed wallet (which might be worth something)... but this wasn't one of the L2s that I had managed to bridge to. Honestly, at the moment, there are so many L2s launching that I should be forgiven for mixing up which ones I have managed to bridge to and which I haven't!

So, no need to panic... and I just need to hang out and wait for the next time that the global alpha allowance is pushed up again so that I can bridge some ETH over!

... until then... I'm supposed to do something... now, if only I could remember what was so important to do that I needed to spend a few hours messing around.

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