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Hmmmm... this is quite telling that the last post that I wrote about studying my Masters of Secondary Education in Science/Maths was three weeks ago! I think the last time that I logged onto the online education portal before this evening was about the same time. Today, I only just logged on to see the results of the last batch of assignments, and to see what time frame I had for writing the next batch of assignments.

Well.. first things first, I had done pretty well at the last batch of assignments... which is quite pleasing as always. However, my heart wasn't really into these assignments as I've found that these two courses are completely uninspiring and badly taught. So, despite the fact that there are interesting things to learn, I've not really been wanting to either study or learn more....

... of course, part of that problem has been the fact that we have just moved into a new house, and there is no end of things to do and set up... which leaves little time for study, even if I was really crazily inspired to do so! So, a combination of these two things means that I'm just neglecting the study for this trimester.

Unfortunately, the last batch of two assignments (one for each course) are due soon... one in a week's time and another in a fortnight's time. Unluckily for me, the Secondary Maths one that is due in a week also coincides with a week where I am travelling and juggling two concert schedules at the same time. I guess I could ask for an extension, but then that would only just push it into the due date of the other assignment which would be not very handy either... so, I think that for this coming week, I'm just going to have to knuckle down... catch up on the coursework and just write the bloody thing.

Funnily enough, the assessment is about writing an assessment schedule! Unfortunately, the lecturer seems only interested in spruiking their own research quite often... and at best, they are difficult to understand and don't seem to really give much in the way of clear direction and guidance as to what the hell they asking us to do!

Also of interest is the fact that their forums are near dead... with the occasional reply from the lecturer being cryptic at best, and useless most of the time. Phew... glad I got that off my chest. At least they are providing me with a clear example of how NOT to teach students!

The assessment is supposed to be for the finishing of school Maths... and the examples that the lecturer provides are like baby versions of what I would expect students to be able to do. Perhaps this is why Australian secondary education has declined so much over the last decades! I mean seriously, I understand the point of relevance... but there is a point when it is pointlessly patronising! Personally, I still think that this is the problem of the Maths/Science education falling under the teaching degrees where many "teaching" educators have a hateful relationship with Maths and Science, and only think about how to make it MORE relevant and FUN... because they hated it at school.

Well.. I thought that English Literature was stupid at school... I hated poems, and I think that most of the humanities "research" (including economics) is wishful thinking at best. In my education system, students would read comics, and realise that telling a good story as "research" is just a load of crap that the Universe and mathematical statistics will ignore completely... but thankfully, most of our "leaders" are better story-tellers than actual thinkers.

Sigh... middle-aged crank-out is now at an end now... I had better get down and start learning how to teach mathematics in the most pointlessly complex and convoluted way possible. Why do we handicap our future generations like this?

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