Grilled Pork in Charcoal


I moved into my sister's house and slept with her family for a few days. Varies in place and time, I just feel it. It was also nice to feel like a guest and when I woke up, the dishes were ready on the dining table. There is brewed coffee and there is bread if you don't want a heavy meal. I remember when the parent was alive and when we were young. The food was ready anytime on the table. I do the same with my family today. But because I thought of visiting my only sister my memory of the past came back to me. I saw my sister wake up early to prepare the things she was supposed to cook. I wanted to look at her but he preferred me to just rest. She considered me a guest so when I woke up, the grilled pork using a charcoal was exposed in front of me. It has a different taste and aroma. And even I was still in one of their room, I smelled it.


I didn't eat it until I could picture it from some angle because I thought I would post it.


With the smell and the look of the perfectt grilling, I already tasted how delicious it is, and how much more when I probably ear it. Perfectly done!

I have a lot of rice again. Of course, later I will go jogging and I do this every day to take care of my health.

Kudos to my beloved sister!