The Act Of Kindness


One of the characteristics that makes a good woman is the act of been kind. Be kind to people who really needs your help. Not those who are not in need of your help.


For Instance, probably you lost someone and you know that such person was close to you or even a known leader. Inside you, you are aware you need to show support to the family of the victim. I relate been kind to helping people who are in need of your support. Are you getting the idea am about to present?

Lets move on,

This is the summary of what it means been kind. When you are kind to people you get same in return. Life plays up a principle known as karma. “What you give is what you get”
What are the benefits of been kind

When you are kind, you attract the good spirits of kindness over you.

I came to realize as time goes on that there are certain rules that applies to life of which kindness cannot be omitted. we also are spiritual beings with some part of earthly attributes. That means partly spiritual and partly earthly is the human race.


When you are kind, you get attracted to the spirit qualities of kindness in your spirit which reflects in your physical. Someone else will be kind to you.

Good people speaks about you

I also came to realize that there is more to just talking alone. You can speak good to yourself and it happens if your spirit aspect is pure meaning you don’t involve in bad acts. Same also will happen when people who are good speaks good of you due to your kindness.

Been kind to people is essential as part of our living. However, this content summarily present the benefits of been kind. Do not say you are not capable of helping, No, the little you can offer, do it. It counts. But there is something I am concerned about.

When you are kind to people you should also be careful. There are some who may want to harm you through your act probably due to been to familiar with you.


Thanks for reading