Taking Care Of Yourself


The importance of hygiene cannot be overlooked especially by women. Men are quite easy and less proned to contacting disease which comes from the environment probably through air of even the surrounding itself. The woman’s body is too sensitive and hence she must take care of her surrounding by herself.


If you are a single lady, you have to train yourself up to this task because when you get married no one will do it for you. It may even make your partner look down on you as been dirty if you don’t care for yourself.

Caring for yourself cut through the following sectors


When you wake up in the morning to have your devotion with your creator, the next thing is to ensure your surrounding is kept neat and tidy. This will help to protect harmful animals that are carriers of diseases from coming to reside in your environment.


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You can also keep your room neat and tidy, which ever you wish to carryout first. Am kind of stressing on this because I have seen some broken marriages for couples who are meant to be together separated because the woman feels the man isn’t neat or the man feels the woman isn’t neat. And if your partner isn’t, there are better approaches or methods to get him or her corrected without going straight to the point.

Body hygiene

Body hygiene are those practices you undergo to ensure you keep your body neat like washing your panties and inner wears including your clothes. I usually wear pant for a day and after that the next day is for another one while I wash the one I recently used.
As a woman also form the habit of taking your bath at least twice a day. In the morning and evening. It essential for the woman hygiene to be perfect.


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Wash your dishes

Let this be a regular practice for you to ensure washing your dishes is your job don’t allow your partner to do it as a woman unless the stress is much and he wants to help out.


Cleanliness has been the major and best way of maintaining a good relationship because it makes others learn from you and it keeps you protected. One thing I forgot to mention is the hygiene practice of keeping your toilet and bathroom neat. That’s were most women contact infection easily if not careful.


Thanks for reading, I appreciate the time spent.