Evening views by the Beach ⛱️ | Night Beach πŸŒ’


Sometimes impromptu excursions can be so refreshing.
inbound3402775230248131831.webp Taking in the night view by the beach. The cool air blowing from the ocean 🌊 and the waves crashing gently on the shoreline.Sand beneath your feet, the open sky above dotted here and there by bright stars. Wait that one is moving ... oh it's a plane heading to the airport in the distance.

Other glimmers of light are also here along the sea lane as ships sail along to connecting islands.Lights from the boats of fishermen in a stationary position along the coast. Green lights occasionally jumping in an arch from the water πŸ’¦ ahh the flying fish.

Along the pier the lights from the lines of fishermen, the only signs that there are people sitting out there in the distance.

The most picturesque light of them all is the light connecting Kobe to Awaji Island 🏝️.Yes it's the Akashi Bridge, is it said to be the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Ah... I have to turn off the lights for now ....what a great evening. Well good night my friends.

Stay connected, stay blessed.