["Pizza Near Me"] 🍕 Is Crypto Having an Unusual Impact on World Pizza Sales???


Is the crypto community having an unusual impact on the annual sales of pizza?

pizza day 3.png

For those of you who don't know, today is May 22nd, the infamous #bitcoinpizzaday. I read a post earlier by @fredrikaa that reminded me of this funny little truth. 😁

In case you don't know, May 22nd has been an especially honored date for crypto since 2010, when some unlucky guy (whose name I cannot spell without Googling it)—bought a pizza for 10,000 Bitcoins.

Which... Would today be worth something like $400M... 🤮

Hence, the satire-filled mentions of #bitcoinpizzaday...

Anyway, @fredrikaa's post sent me on a short journey to uncover some "TOP-SECRET" data... deep within the interwebs.

(Okay... maybe it's completely public, but where's the fun in that?)

So, onto the question at hand:

Is Bitcoin Pizza Day affecting pizza sales worldwide?

According to Google Trends... Maybe...

pizza near me.png

👆 Above is Google Trends data for the search term "pizza near me." As you can see, I marked the graph with little red arrows.

The little red arrows on the graph are pointing toward May 22nd, every year for the last 4 years. Doesn't it seem like there's a bit of an uptick in people searching to buy these cheesy discs of joy 🍕 right around the #bitcoinpizza season?

"But that's absurd..." you might be saying...

..."that could be happening for any reason!"

Well, don't go anywhere just yet... There's more to see! Let's do some simple math:

When I calculated the difference between the previous week to the week of the 22nd... There was a 10–20% increase in people searching for "pizza near me" during the week of May 22.

And did those pizza searches probably result in a sale? Most likely.

According to Media Post, 84% of people use "near me" searches to find food, and over 50% end up having a store visit (and that doesn't include those who ordered delivery!).

Now, keep in mind, the graph is only showing U.S. trend data—but after taking a look at the data from the United Kindom as well—there seems to be an increase in pizza sales right around the same time every year there as well...

In fact, although the difference is slightly less noticeable, the search term sees an increase WORLD WIDE!

But since that's too much data to focus on, let's just focus on the United States and assume something similar is going on elsewhere—in other countries that speak English...

(We'll call it "extrapolating"... just to sound fancy...)

"Okay... This is a bit of a stretch, isn't it??" You ask...

Actually, it's probably not! Check this out:

14% of people in the U.S. own cryptocurrency—meaning they are a part of the crypto community somehow. See below 👇

14 percent of americans own crypto.png

And approximately 13% of people in the U.S. order pizza daily. (hmmm... I wonder why we're the fattest people on the planet...) See Below 👇

13 percent of americans eat pizza.png

Doing the math here...

*Counts on fingers, "one... three... seven..."

That means if approximately 20 percent of the crypto community orders pizza more often during the two weeks surrounding May 22nd... It could account for the 10–20% increase in searches and potential pizza orders!

That's pretty crazy, right???

"Mmmmmmm.... Pizza...."

homer simpson eating pizza.jpg

(okay... it might be a little bit of a stretch... but it was fun... right?) 😝

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post...

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