🤯 My sister just got $1,500 of crypto for free? Are you KIDDING me???


Check it out...

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A few years back, I spent some time blasting my entire family, friends, and even people I didn't know from Adam about "how they could get free cryptocurrencies, bonuses, etc."


Honestly, it was because I was totally broke. 😂

I was scrounging for change so I could get cigarettes, drugs, gas, and food (in that order). Thankfully, I'm doing much better now (and have since quit doing drugs and smoking cigarettes 😁).

If you're wondering what that has to do with the title of this post... Just stick with me... We're gettin' there. I promise.

So, anyway... Back to my story of desperation...

As part of my "get down" I would find free ways for people to make money. Sometimes it was with crypto airdrops. Other times, I'd even help them exploit offers from centralized banks.

Most of the time I was just shooting in the dark and inundating everyone who had the misfortune of being my friend on Facebook with a bunch of tacky-looking messages advertising stuff that looked "scammy" at best.

But... Sometimes I actually had a lock on something good...

For example: I got a few people (including me-oh-myself) a free $200 bonus for opening up a Chase bank account by simply reading the fine print and avoiding some tricks they'd set up to stop people from getting the "free" bonus they were offering.

I know, I know... I was a dirtball. But whatever. I work for my $$ now. And screw the banks anyway.

But there was one BIG problem...

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Almost no one listens to a drug addict about... well... ANYTHING.

Especially not the viability of a new "magic internet money" that you can get for absolutely free. You can imagine the (internal) responses...

"Man... that poor guy is totally smoked out... it's sad..."

Now... Fast forward a couple of years later...

I'd quit drugs and was living out of a van with my (now) wife. We still smoked cigarettes, and we still needed gas.

But among all the haters, there was one person who listened to me. And it was my eldest sister.

This is where it gets interesting...

binance refer us.jpg

Back then, Binance.US was offering a free $15 for anyone who signed up and verified their account. But there was only one catch:

You had to spot-trade your bonus to reach a minimum $100 trading volume to cash out.

Obviously, Binance.US was trying to increase the liquidity on their new US-based platform (it was just starting out then) so it would appeal to more traders.

But, as such, I was able to get my sister to agree. Of course, I would also get $15 dollars from the deal (which I would use to put gas in our van and get cigarettes). And that would make my wife happy.

My sister followed the instructions, but the process of cashing out was too difficult at the time to explain over the phone. So, we elected to leave her free crypto in the account.

But first... I made her buy some DOGE with it... 🤣


So, she had $15 dollars in DOGE...

And guess what?

We completely forgot about it.

At least, until last week when I was visiting her for the first time in many years.

Here's how it went:


My wife and I were sitting at the dinner table at my dad's house and chatting it up with my sister and her two daughters.

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My Sister: "Hahaha! Hey... Do you remember when you used to send me all that stuff about crypto and Bitcoin and whatever...?"

Me: "Lol... ya... Nobody believed me about that stuff... but did you know Bitcoin just hit over $60K recently? Haha..."

My Sister: "Ya... but I did believe you... remember? I even did one of those things you sent me... Remember THAT?"

Me: *Pauses to think... "Hold up... hold up... Didn't I have you buy some DOGE?"

My Sister: "Ummm... Ya... I think that's what it was called..."

Me: *Laughing hysterically "No way!!! Hahahah! DOGE went through the roof! Can you still get into your account??? You probably have some money... Like... More than you'd think..."

My Sister: *Beginning to clamor for her phone "Nuh uh...??? You're kidding... right???"

Me: *Get's serious "No... I'm dead serious... Log into your account..."

My Sister: *Clamoring faster and logging in "Okay... I'm in... but I can't see anything."

Me: "Let me see it real quick..." *Grabs phone

Note! She just needed to click the little "eyeball" to "un-hide" her balance info... lol... 😂

Then... I turned the phone screen back to her...


Guess how much her DOGE is worth today?

monkey jaw dropped.png

Almost $1,500!!!

She couldn't believe it. I had her switch from DOGE to VTHO and ETH (I think they have more potential long-term)...

...And you know what her first question was?

"Should I start learning about these? You know... So, I know what's going on with them???"

My answer was of course a hands-shakingly excited "YES! Of course! That's a great idea!"

I think she just might become one of us... :)

And that's a cool feeling...

Anyway, I thought that was too fun not to share. Hope you liked it!

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Welcome to the Age of Abundance. Stories like that are all over the place.

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