Distilling Truth.


There is one area where decentralization is vital. It is something that most of us overlook yet it ties into the equation of being able to speak freely.


After reading a rather awesome post by @taskmaster4450 about Hive Podcasting—as well as another post by @azircon—I couldn't help but think about the idea of truth—and our ability as human beings to sift through it.

A question popped into my little head:

"If we didn't need massive censorship 200 years ago, why would we need it now, today?"

"What's changed?"

"Are there more "dark" and "insane" voices today than there was then?"

"And if there are, why is that?"

"And do we actually need censorship to solve the problem?"

Well, there are probably more "dark" and "insane" voices...

According to pewresearch.org, an astonishing 86% of people get their news from Social Media through the use of their smart phones.

people get news from social media.png

Approximately 1.8 billion people log into Facebook daily to get their fill of friends' posts, government propaganda, and advertisements shoved down their throats.

"So, what's the problem with that?"

The problem is, mainstream social media is built on a system that's funded by a slick advertising model.

Essentially, when someone shows they're interested in a type of content—the platform will begin to feed them more of the same kind of content (regardless of how lunatic the content they're viewing actually is).

This means that if you start tapping into "conspiracy theories," "the earth is flat" belief systems... or "we've never been to space" kind of commentary:

The platforms will just keep feeding you more content that agrees with whatever crazy thing you're looking at...

That's because the platforms don't care what you're looking at, as long as you're still looking at it...

It doesn't matter if they're filling your head with a bunch of lies. It doesn't matter that they're aiding people who prey on the intellectually weak to gain attention for themselves.

It ONLY matters that they keep you there... Scrolling... and Scrolling...


Because it's just an algorithm. It's meant to extract money and information. And it doesn't care about anything except numbers and results.

And because every moment you spend looking is another opportunity either to get you to buy something or to collect more data about what you might buy one day.

Because at the end of the day, social media platforms don't sell anything. They sell you to the companies that want to influence your behavior into buying their products.

It's a win-win for everyone. Except truth and except society.

We have a system that feeds a person's single-sided viewpoint, and the further down the rabbit hole they go, the more division and mental confusion they experience.

200 Years Ago... We Didn't Need Centralized Censorship...

200 years ago, space, time, and the rest of the crowd are what silenced inaccurate voices.

Instead of being fed a barrage of single-sided information, we were forced to dig through differing viewpoints and educate ourselves with balanced voices if we wanted answers.

We could take a sample of the whole and distill it down to its most important parts, ruling out the incomplete or nonsensical commentary by comparing it with all the other soundwaves.

We'd simply run each thought against the sea of thoughts and find the linkage in between. That's how we were always meant to seek and discover truth. Because the truth is in the patterns.

Those patterns would develop relevant arguments based on a more diverse knowledge of differing and opposed opinions and thoughts.

If we were then confronted about a thought or statement we had presented—we might actually have a logical rebuttal or reply.

It would be based on facts and real information, and there would at least be a knowledge of the other side's argument.

But today, that's not the case.

No one knows what the other side is saying. There is a veil preventing us from seeing the information the other side is absorbing.

We're all drinking a different flavor of Kool-aid...

We only get the flavor we think we like, without the chance to try any others so we can make a more informed decision.

Because we're all met only with information that "agrees" with us. And so, we are blind to all else.

Social Media censors us from having a balanced worldview...

It censors opposing arguments without having to "censor" a single thing. It does it by simply "ignoring" everything else.

But how bad is it really?

Well, it's bad enough that it can be weaponized.

According to the New York Times, military personnel in Myanmar incited genocide by creating fake Social Media accounts in celebrity names and posting propaganda.

What happened next?

They just let the algorithm "do its thing."

Many broken, hurting, and dead people later—Facebook shut down the accounts responsible.

But I don't believe we need censorship...

I believe we need to hear all the voices...

We need to go back 200 years and take a note from our predecessors.

We need to take responsibility for our own education. To take a real interest in informing ourselves.

But in order to do that, we need access to all the voices.

We don't need to have our opinion skewed by a mathematical algorithm that's engineered to extract value FROM us.

We don't need something to just "tell us what we want to hear."

We need conflict and differing opinions so we can start filtering out the noise.

And blockchain and platforms like Hive are a great start to that...

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