The plane that disappeared


(Netflix) *MH370

On this day, March 8, 2014, a Malaysian Airlines aircraft from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished without a trace. This Netflix series is deadly.
a puzzle that hasn't been solved. "Planes go up. Planes go down. But what aircraft don't do is suddenly vanish off the face of the planet," they say in the first episode that was broadcast today.
The fact that MH17, a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down in Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing 300 people on board, is horrifying and even more puzzling. Is there a way to make the puzzle fit together?
One plane from which they found debris and bodies, and another that vanished into thin air. 58 aircraft and 43 ships from 14 different nations were deployed. Has MH370 gone into the blackhole? With so many profound theories and hypothesis and each such theory is shockingly incredulous, the answer remains zilch on MH370.
It's the typical whodunnit of Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes. But in real life.
Watch the compelling mystery documentary on Netflix. I watched the three episodes in one sitting. And sat still for 15 minutes after that - shocked, numb and sad.

I had hoped that watching this documentary would put an end to my unanswered concerns about what happened to our Boeing, but it's simply another enigma.

Why did the flight simulator follow the same path as the actual flight, if the pilot is not at fault? Why is the FBI so quiet?

Due of the missing id on the bits of the plane that were discovered by a single individual near the Indian Ocean, it is possible that the plane was deliberately disassembled and dumped there to confuse the investigation.

where, if so? Why did Netflix not feature Diego Garcia considering this show discussed conspiracies? maintaining a secret?
Why didn't anyone attempt to locate the concrete evidence in the South China Sea, as claimed by the photographer woman in the satellite images?

Can the Frenchman who claimed to have knowledge demonstrate a connection between the US awacs, Inmarsat, and cargo?

I didn't expect to be served a whole plate of conspiracy theories by certain people in positions of authority, and I didn't expect to leave with humiliation, declaring that the Malaysian government, military system, and being referred to as "The Stooge" is an insult to the nation.