Chaotic Photography Contest: Macro photography


Hello to all my friends

in this post, I took the opportunity to compete with all my friends who are interested in professional photography. The subject of photography this week caught my eye a lot.

'Macro photography'

was an interesting topic for me. I decided to try this style of photography in my backyard. It was cloudy this morning and it was raining very little. Red flowers and jasmine leaves were very attractive.

I took a few photos with my mobile phone from the general view and a few of the flowers and leaves of jasmine that these general photos of macro photography are not considered.
I will put it at the end of the post just to make your heart shine.



I took these two photos with the samsong galaxy A22 mobile phone

Of course, I took these initial photos that I am sharing with you after it rained.

I took the next photo that I took from the moment the raindrops dripped from the leaf with the Canon 5dmarkll Dslr camera.

100 (1).jpg

After the rain, a beautiful sun came out from behind the clouds and the air became very mild after the rain. Spring is really showing off. The sound of birds is also ringing

I did not like this picture that the sun had penetrated through the leaves.

100 (2).jpg

Of course, the number of my shots, whether with the camera or with a mobile phone, is not small, but it is not possible to share all the photos.

For variety from the moment it rained, I made a short film for you to enjoy.

At the end of the post, outside the subject of the competition, I will share some photos of the overview of the yard and the flowers of jasmine and rose.




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