Leadership Forgotten Skills.

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Good evening everyone, YES from the program I attended last week Saturday & Sunday organized by the YPF (Young Professional Forum) one of the slide of the speakers says...

Leadership forgotten skills

  1. Pay attention to details - Listen attentively and to details.
  2. Watch carefully for confirmation because action speak louder than voice.
  3. Speak timely and sparingly. Not when you have something to say but when you have to say something.

Really these are leadership forgotten skills that must be pot back to place.
Do we still pay attention to details, do we still listen attentively when people are having conversation with us or we just want to quickly discard them. Let's come back to leadership forgotten skills.

Do we still confirm from the right person if this is true or not or we just go ahead and take our decision. Let's come back to leadership forgotten skills.
The last one, Do we speak timely? or are we talkative? When we don't have something to say, we should keep shut and wait for the right time to speak. #ctpcontent

Let's come back to leadership forgotten skills and really be the leader we ought to be.