4 cardinal steps in change management

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Lead'21 was a success. It was a program organized by the YPF (Young professional Fellowship), it was a 2 day program of impact to people lives.

Is good to share and not be selfish. One of the slide of the speaker reads...

4 cardinal steps in change management

  1. Prepare your self for change process - change your lifestyle. Gaining the initial buy-in from employees who will help implement the change and can remove friction and resistance later on.

  2. Craft a vision and plan for change. Once the organization is ready to embrace change, managers must develop a thorough and realistic plan for bringing it to pass.

  3. Implement the changes. After the plan has been created, all that remains is to follow the steps outlined within it to implement the required change.

  4. Review processes and analyze results. Just because a change initiative is complete doesn't mean it was successful. Conducting analysis and review can help business leaders understand whether a change initiative was a success, failure, or mixed result.
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