Crypto Critics Will Always Be Critics But This Time More

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from the crypto critics and think there’s nothing more they can do well, they have just proven they still have some tricks. If you remember sometime last when some crypto critics wrote a letter to US politicians stating why cryptocurrencies need to be looked into more because of flawed they are and some Bitcoiniers and advocates had to step in and defend cryptocurrencies which brought that battle to defeat for them. Well, they haven’t given up as their plan continues.

When I hear people talk bad about crypto, I just conclude it’s normal because critics will always be critics and there’s nothing more they can do than criticize and when people criticize something for no reason or something tangible, it’s either because of jealousy or natural hatred for progress. There have been a lot of battles between crypto critics and crypto enthusiasts over the years and it’s not something that’s going to end anytime soon but it seems the crypto critics are getting together for another battle.

The crypto critics have now decided to hold a Crypto Policy Symposium which is organized by Stephen Diehl. The Crypto Policy Symposium is a conference held for people that have decided to come together to criticize Bitcoin and discredit it or in their case to discuss why it’s a threat to the ecosystem and why it’s flawed. So in a general sense, it’s an anti-Bitcoin conference which is scheduled to hold on September 5th and 6th.

According to their official websites, the topic isn’t just going to be about Bitcoin alone but it’s going to be about digital assets itself and that is, NFTs, Decentralized Finance (Defi), Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) altcoins, football clubs in partnership with crypto exchange companies, celebrities in partnership with crypto exchange companies and also used for adverts and crypto industries in general. They also plan to discuss how some politicians and officials have been bribed by big crypto industries to back them and ignore the threats that Bitcoin possess.

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