Ask Leo: Can a Robot Dog Help Fix James Howells Costly Mistake?

Before Bitcoin got its popularity or became the biggest crypto in the world, there were cases where people actually used the Bitcoin they own to buy pizza and other absurd things well you can’t blame them because they didn’t know it would become what it is today and the value was low. Also, there was a man named James Howells who in 2013 accidentally threw away his hard drive that contains 8,000 BTC into a landfill site in Newport despite calling it accidentally I will simply say carelessness because how can you throw a hard drive containing your BTC in a landfill site and say accidentally.


Well, for sure life hasn’t been easy because thinking of the countless Bull Run he has missed out on will definitely affect him mentally and emotionally because the worth of those coins now would have been around $180 - $200 million dollars. However, when the accident occurred he relentlessly and tirelessly begged the Newport authorities to let him scavenge around the site to get his hard drive back but they refused, they said they wouldn’t allow him because of the cost of dealing with the aftermath that could cost millions of pounds, environmental pollution and they also said there’s no assurance it would be found.

However, he has come up with a solution that might even cost him more and that’s using robot dogs from Boston Dynamics which will first of all cost $150,000 that is, $75,000 for each and also the whole process might even cost him half or more than half of the money he’s expecting from the hard drive because he will also settle the Newport too. He believes the robot dogs will help search through the landfill site while monitoring them through a camera.

Well, I just hope his plan works because if it doesn’t he will have to pay the price for the dogs going scouring the sites and causing some environmental and ecological damage because it’s been years and there won’t be a fixed point to target where the hard drive might be.


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