[Splinterlands Gameplay] Dragon quest & road to Diamond II


Welcome Guys!

I started my quest in Diamond III and I want show you on this video my attempts for collecting badges playing with dragon summoner. Unfortunately I losing access to Daria summoner, so I will try playing mostly with Camila or Drake of Anrak this time. I know is hard to climb in Diamond to another division, when I have so many missing cards, this video is long and I didn't finished my quest during this video, but I gonna show you on screens in this post what I got from this quest when I advanced to Diamond II after some games!

dragon quest d2.png

So as you see on picture below I started my quest with dragons at around 3k elo rating! There start my gameplay!

dragon quest start D3.png

It took more time that I expected ( video over 40 min) so I was supposed to cut my video and then show result of my quest in this post below.

After over 1h I finally finished my quest and then I started my journey to be Diamond II!

dragon quest complete.png

I won last game with Camila summoner and then I had 5 badges!


So I needed only couple of wins with any summoner to climb in leaderboard, so I decided to climb with earth element. It was easy!

win streak d2.png

I took rewards in Diamond II after this win!

dragon quest complete.png

So let's see what was inside my loot boxes!


This time 2 rare cards and 9 common cards! I am happy!


With dec tokens is over 4$! Nice!