My hated sneak quest in Diamond II. Was I good enough to claim rewards in Diamond II? My Sneak team review!


Welcome Guys!

If you read my blog from time to time you should probably know that I hate make sneak quest. I don't play with fire splinters, which are really good in that mission. Fire is fast and almost always attack first. There is no place for playing with heals, just brutal force! But I am not beloved in fire element I not use fire element to play with sneak I need to play with different colors like earth or water to make this quest complete. Some time ago I rented really good card Sandstorm Worm with lvl 7 is good because have snare ability on that level, which means that he never miss backline monsters with fly ability and that monster remove fly ability from them. Even with not fly ability these monsters still get 100% chance to take damage from my sand worm so that ability is freaking op. In that way I was able to make this quest happen with different colors like earth and water, which can be play with ad monsters as well!

So I started my quest in Diamond II.

sneak quest start d2.png

It was so close to drop from Diamond II to Diamond II at start of this quest. I was not gready to make this quest for any price. I just use my sneak monsters in battles, where I saw the chance for win, not in every battle. That was the key for making this quest in Diamond II and have chance to not drop back to Diamond III.

My sneak monsters used in this quest.
I not have many monsters with high level for diamond league, but this level is acceptable to make this quest.


Sand Worm is king of this quest, becasue is neutral monster and can be used in every battle with high mana cap!

Another monster in my team, which is good enough to be used in diamond!


Only lvl 6, but have 3 attack damage is freaking op!


This neutral monster is not good with 4 level only in diamond league, but sometimes fit my team, when I not have better cards.


I hardly ever use this card, anyway I forgot about this card while I making this quest xD


I have this card rented only with level 6, but as a card with 3 mana have 3 damage I use this card many times and this time helps me a lot in making this quest!

That's all my sneak cards! As I said before I no have many of them and it's really hard to make this quest happen for me.

But I made this quest in Diamond II! YEAH!

sneak quest done d2.png

Let's check now my rewards for that hard quest!

rewards d2.png

rewards value.png

Cards value over 7$ I am really happy that another time I got Venari Wavesmith! This card gives me passive income, so many people want rent this card!