Making dragon quest in Diamond II!


Welcome Guys!

I really love to make dragon quest, because it gives me so many opportunities in my play style. Dragon quest in my opinion is one of the easiest quest in Splinterlands and can be make really fast.

So let's start my quest in Diamond II!

dragoin start.png

I tried hard to make this quest and of course climb a little in leaderboard. At start it was not bad I collected fast 3 badges, but then I had really big problems with finishing my quest.

d2 quest complete.png

Finally I finish in Diamond II and lost so many league points. This time I am too far away to make attempt to Diamond I.
Maybe next time!


I looted 3 rare cards, so I am happy. No gold foil cards, but maybe soon I gonna get something special. I hope so ;)

rewards value.png

My cards value are over 3$ now, still not bad, but can be better.