Brawlhalla Gameplay - Playing with BRYNN 2 vs 2 games! Someone in game lobby started flame me.. but I show him who is the better player!


Welcome Guys!

This time I want test my skills in 2 vs 2 matchups. I had good teammates, which really helps me a lot during this brawls. I really like to play on the maps, where are so many pumkins around with all the Halloween stuff.


Anyway is really funny, when someone tells me in lobby that I can't play well this game, because I spam signature attacks like a noob. Imagine how he be surprised, when he challange me and he lose twice. 2 vs 2 matchup with his friend and solo game 1 vs 1. Hahaha it's so funny to tilt my enemies :D

brawlhalla haters.png

And after that words I check his battle skills in Brawlhalla, what I can say he is not that good how he think before :D He can only talk much and was so predictable. I even pick his main champion to show who is better with VAL. I not main this champion like him, but it was double fun to defeat him :D

win 2 x 2 vs hater.png

And another win

win 1 x 1 vs hater.png

VAL_Default_Esports_Taunt_The Reads_40_212x300.png

Good luck next time, you will really need that to defeat me!