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Cooking is a passion and a hobby of some people on the earth. Cooking is a fun thing and gives benefits to survive because with the cooking we can fill an empty stomach to get the nutrients and energy in doing the activity.
However, cooking can spend quite a long time to prepare. For some housewife who has aside, a job is not enough time.

One solution that can ease the work of every housewife is food preparation. This is important so that a housewife can set the time. In addition to food preparation useful for maintaining the stability of food ingredients to stay fresh, clean, and neat in the kitchen.

On this occasion, I want to share food preparation that routine I prepared after shopping in the market and pack whole food ingredients to be stored in the refrigerator.
Usually, I sort out the food ingredients ranging from food ingredients that need to be put into the fridge and freezer, there is also only stored at a temperature of space like the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, pasta).

In the freezer, I usually save the food that goes off quickly, such as fish, shrimp, chicken, nuggets, and fries cooked to order. This food is a maximum luggage 2-3 weeks in the freezer, before food ingredients this I haven't wash, because the water will make the fish/chicken contaminated and cause the fish/chicken cause salmonella bacteria. Salmonella bacteria can make the whole family food poisoning and cause diarrhea typhoid.


For some vegetables, I wrap them in an airtight jar to keep the freshness of the vegetable remains awake. For some dry ingredients like anchovies, I pack in a jar and put it in the fridge, because this food is perishable at room temperature.
For the chili, garlic, and onion, usually, I've peel and clean them stored in a jar. For the third of these foods, I usually buy in large quantities for 1 month. Because the ingredients of this food I used to buy when prices tend to be cheaper in the quantity of the lot.


Usually, I buy this food is for the preparation of 1 week, because previously I've been preparing a meal plan for 1 month and certainly all of the ingredients in the food are not left/ wasted.
The meal plan also makes it easy for us to arrange the schedule of groceries in and out neatly arranged by a predetermined period. For example, I prepare the meal plan of perishable foodstuffs in advance to be cooked (out) rather than food that expired date is still a long time.

Here are tips and tricks that I use in the food preparation each week. Make sure to have enough time in preparing the food preparation because this activity spent enough time.

See you in the next one.
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