The Progress of Growing Melon Fruit with Hydroponic



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In this post, I will share the development of the cantaloupe plant (melon) that the current age will already be almost one month of growing.

I am using a hydroponic system which is a technique to grow without using soil media, namely media use water with plant nutrients. Growing melon with hydroponics has a high success rate and is very easy to do.

Some of the things that are important to be considered in the growing melons in hydroponics is :

The process of Seeding and Growing.


The nursery is the activity early in the start of the cultivation of plants. Usually plants that have certain advantages will be developed and could be the seed to plant so on.

However, luckily, right now we don't need to make a nursery for yourself because there have been many companies that sell various kinds of seeds suits our needs, for this time I use the Melon seeds Hybrid of Cap Red Arrows contents of 10 seedlings with price 10.000 idr.

Seeding seedlings should be done by ourselves and not buy seeds ready for planting. because with sow the seeds of its own we know the quality of the seeds and will get maximum results.

Some steps in the process of seeding seedlings hydroponics is prepared rockwool as a growing medium with pieces of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Then dip the rockwool into the water and then stacking tray and give rockwoool hole. Input melon seeds into the holes of each one of the seeds. Put it in a place exposed to direct sunlight and after the age of 7 to 14 days the seeds are ready to be transferred to the Bucket.

Seeding Melon 2-3weeks


When I move to the bucket, we need to give pupuk AB Mix to water as a planting media because, if the only water I used without pupuk AB Mix then melon plants will not be able to grow optimally because of a lack of minerals and nutrients it needs to grow.

For our first month of using Fertilizer AB-Mix with levels of 1200-1500 ppm and later will enhanced month of the next.

Melon in 4 Weeks

Maintenance and Care

At the age of melon plants are still about 2 weeks we have to gave us rope / pole place vines of melon, if not then the melon plants will not be able to grow optimally and perfect. Condition ppm of nutrients also need to be controlled especially in the event the scorching heat or very heavy rain which could make the condition ppm water in the bucket to change.

Melon For 5-6 Weeks

This is the story of growing melon that I can share and I will update again its development if something happens or when the plants melon I began to bear fruit.

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