Adidas's First NFT Drop is a Home Run Success! $23M in Minutes



The world's most profitable sports brand made $23.4 million in a single afternoon from its debut “Into the Metaverse” NFT drop yesterday!

Adidas Is in the NFT Game and They're Doing it Better Than Everyone Else!

The incredible, record-breaking sales for this week's virtual goods sale have put it at the top of its class as one of today’s hottest NFT projects.

The drop was a collaboration between Adidas, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Punks Comic NFT creator Pixel Vault and private collector money. It began when the sportswear company bought one of their own designs from this artist collective and overlaid it with some new gear for 2018!

This is not your average prize, as a total of 30,000 Adidas Originals NFTs are up for grabs and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. 20k will be given out among holders who own Pixel Vault or Bored Ape cryptocurrency tokens in addition to any money cards awarded at launch time - meaning you can grab yourself an extra five thousand!

A huge thank you goes out here too those lucky attendees that got their hands-on one (or more) proof-of Archery Attendance Badges--an innovative way by which we're integrating crypto into sports equipment so people have easier access without having change them back after use has finished each day.

The sportswear company first tweeted about their mysterious POAP token last month, although it didn’t appear to commemorate any particular event. Still people went ahead and minted them anyway--expecting everything would become clear at some point in time.

The Adidas sale caused things to suddenly take a turn. The company announced an early access period, and within hours all 20 thousand slots were gone!

Now here's where it gets interesting. Of the remaining 10,000 tokens available for purchase with comprise from "Adidas and partners," they held onto 380 to use at future events while releasing 9 620 more which sold out in less than a second!

The person who found this exploit made 165 sub-smart contracts with unique addresses and minted two NFTs apiece from Adidas’s smart contract. They sent them over to the creator's main ETH address in one transaction, bypassing any caps that were imposed on him or her!

Blockchain engineer Montana Wong offered an informative Twitter thread on how to become a blockchain developer.

This is huge for Adidas, which has made a concerted effort to gain an early foothold in the metaverse.

Last month it announced that Coinbase would be partnering with them as part of their strategy; around this same time The Sandbox game released news about how they earmarked some land meant specifically for esports athletes who want to play on location rather than use virtual machines at home or abroad while traveling lighter!

The next Adidas NFT will offer exclusive access to wearables, both IRL and virtual. You'll get a chance at some of the coolest releases coming in 2022!

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