3 Altcoins I'm Expecting to Moon in 2022



Cryptocurrencies have been in a major slump this December. With money generally flowing out of investments with intimidating risk profiles, many top names within the crypto space now trade far below recent highs achieved just last month.

3 Altcoins Im Riding to the Moon With in 2022

Hive is an obvious choice, but let's talk about a few others that I believe are poised for massive growth in 2022!



Ethereum is a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world. It's not surprising to see its early rise as one of the largest coins by market cap, because Ethereum offers arguably one of best risk/reward profiles out there for investors who want long-term security with outsized gains!

Many investors are interested in crypto as a way to hedge their inflation risk and store of value. But those who want more opportunities for profit might find it easier with Ethereum.

The Ethereum network may never be as safe and secure as Bitcoin. But its transition from a proof-of-work consensus mechanism to Proof of Stake (POS) is expected to happen sometime next year, when it does this will make the Ethereum much faster than ever before.

Instead of having miners do all that work they'll have validators doing so which in turn should decrease transaction costs for everyone using their system or developing any projects thereon since everything can run more efficiently with less hassle thanks also comes along side increased scalability due where if you were looking at NFTs then POS would allow these types off nonfungible assets become truly mainstream.

With so many validators on Ethereum's network, it will become more decentralized and faster. Sharding is an even bigger upgrade though- there are no guarantees that everything goes according to plan with this change!

Crypto is a word that gets thrown around often these days, but what does it mean? The word is constantly expanding..

This leads us into #2... the Metaverse


The metaverse is an idea about an interactive virtual world where you can buy land, explore and do all of the things Ready Player One dreams of. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies for this new reality are Ethereum-based crypto called Decentraland which came into focus in November when it really started gel as a concept!

Decentraland is a metaverse crypto that's unlike any other in the sense of its creativity and ownership. It’s casual, but more importantly it can be owned by participants who are then allowed to build up virtual goods or host games within this space they've crafted together--which makes Decentraland one worth checking out if you're looking for something different!

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is backed by unusually strong leadership and fundamentals that have made it a highly sought-after token in the crypto space.

Investing in the cryptocurrency space is not always easy. One of my favorite long-term bets right now? BAT by Brave Software, which plans to change how we consume online content with their attention token!

The company and cryptocurrency was cofounded by JavaScript creator and Mozilla founder Brendan Eich.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an "older" (relative to other cryptos) form of cryptocurrency that allows users to earn money while they browse the web without ads or trackers.

The value case for this token lies with consumers who want complete privacy when browsing, but still have access through Brave's built-in ad blocking feature and partnering advertisers wanting more engagement opportunities than traditional social media sites provide - all thanks in large part due its built-in features.

The recent bearish pressures have rocked the cryptocurrency market, but BAT is still down about quite a bit from its high that it hit recently. This could all change with a stellar management team and potentially disruptive approach to web browser markets by Brave Software - which has already made significant progress in just a few years.

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Umm not looked into Decentraland yet. Rating on SOL myself, I also have a few BAT hard to get off Brave browser without UPhold wallet which I've not heard good things about.