Passive earning with Hive Games - Week 1


I have started recording my challenge, where I am trying to reach stardom in Rising Star without spending a penny. I can say it is going so far so good. However, here I hope to share my progress with other HIVE based games, especially how I am trying to build some passive income.

At first I am going to talk about 3 games I play that is dCrop, dCity and Splinterlands. All the above-mentioned games are not free-2-play as you need to invest some Hive(or any other crypto or fiat) before you can start playing and/or earning.

In this post, I will try to explain the games and I will share how much I have invested and what is my plan about it now.


The dCrop is a farming simulator. It is a quite slow game where you can put seeds at the beginning of the season ( every two weeks there is a new season starting) and harvest them after growing time (every plant has a different growing time). Every seed and plot of land is NFT which has to be purchased before you can use it, meaning to start playing you need to invest.

The easiest way to earn CROP (their token) is to take the place on the leaderboard. To do is you need to sell the crops, the more and the better rate ( 1,2, or stars) the more shares you get, and shares are converted to CROP at the end of the season.
The second way to earn is the obtain the CROP POWER. You need at least 20k of it to be able to gain HIVE daily. CRop power is gained from:

  • Alpha pack - 2k CP
  • CROP token
  • 3-star crops
  • cards

You can read more about it here


My current state of CROP POWER is position 152 with 24472CP which gives me around 0.04 HIVE every day. MY investment so far is around 14 card packs for 0.6 HIVE each and 12 card packs for 6 HIVE each. The initial packs were all open to obtain the cards, and because I was not aware of CROP POWER at the time.

As you can easily calculate my spending is around 8.4 HIVE + 72 HIVE, and I am gaining 0.04 HIVE per day which gives me 2010 days ( that is 5.5 years) to return on my investment if I do nothing at all. In my calculations, I do not include the bi-weekly gain of CROP with is raising my CP as well.

The only reasonable solution is to raise the CP as soon as possible without any more spending. To achieve this goal my plan is:

  • sell all 3-star crops as they give far more CP with CROP token than by itself
  • spend the 0.04 HIVE to buy CROP token, which for now is around 6 CROP per day. I hope to collect enough CROP tokens to buy a card so I can increase my CP with it as well as to increase my leaderboard position by having more shares at the end of the season.
  • Still play the game so I can get between 200-600 ( depends on the season) CROP from the leaderboard.
  • Write about and reinvest the post prizes and maybe get some good advice on how to play better.


This is a city simulator, where all properties and inhabitants are the NFT cards. Your aim is to balance the population with cards which can use without increasing crime and lowering its popularity. I think you can earn the SIM from your card income, but for the past few weeks ( I mean for the time I play the game) taxes are set to around 130% and I do gain 0.1 SIM per day. Additionally, there are 5 rankings on which you can gain HIVE, that is:

  • Income
  • Popularity
  • Creativity
  • Education

However, layers are above 100k points which means it will take me a long amount of time, or a lot of HIVE/SIM to reach their position, which is not possible for me to do now.

I have started playing this game quite recently, and I can say I did it too late. It will take me a long time to reach a payable position in one of 4 rankings, but I still want to try.

The last payable "ranking" is SIM POWER, which I am climbing now. You need to have at least 8k of SP to receive a HIVE payout daily. I have my 9k os SIM and I need to wait another 20 days to reach the 8k to see how much of HIVE I will receive.

I am still trying to gather more SIM, mainly by selling not used coins rewards and buying SIM. I hope to reach a level where I can gain enough SIM to increase the holding by 1k per week and also to buy a new card or two so I can increase my City stats and maybe reach a payable position in 4 other rankings


Everybody in here should know this. It is a collectable card auto-battler (at least I call it that) also called card game.

I am slowly building my Collection Power, I am around 16k mainly with external investments. For now, I happily play in the Silver 3 and I am not sure how easy to move to a higher league as renting 30k of CP is too costly for me now.

My main earning capability is SPS airdrop, at least for another 80 days or so. For now, I put the 50 to 75% of SPS into staking and the rest is converted into DEC and SIM. I have no idea what I will do after the airdrop is finished but I hope to have enough card to rent and gains a little bit of DEC every day or maybe it will be time to sell all my collection.