Digital Portrait of "Salman Shah."

Digital Portrait of "Salman Shah."


This is the digital portrait of the Legendary Actor Salman Shah and I've found the reference photo from here.

I digitized it step by step without the help of any tools that can make it automatic for me.

One of my art processes with a video.


I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to do this. I used the pen tool for the main parts of the art but I had to take help from some other tools as well.

I started doing this portrait through the sunglass, the hair then the face with the shading of the nose, and then the lip, and then I finished it with the remaining parts.


At first, I drew the sunglass where I've used around 3 colors, and then I drew the hair.


Then I started working on the face and at first, I drew the shading of the nose, then the lip with around 5 colors, then I worked on the shading of the ears, and then I finished the face. I wish I could give more details on the face with more shading but the photo didn't help me to that lane as this is a ver old photo with low resolution.


Then after I finished working on the face, I drew the next all the way to a part of the chest, and then I drew the shirt where I've used around 6 colors maybe and I finished it by adding my signature as a watermark.

So... I just presented you with a digital portrait of Salman Shah that I digitalized.

I hope you liked the art.

And if you really like it then don't forget to let me know how it is, and if you find anything wrong with my work, then please let me know about those as I need to know where I'm doing wrong.

If you like this kind of digital portrait then...
I'm open to digitize your portrait as well... you may knock me in discord (ashikstd#5058) to leave an order and I'm gonna try to make you smile with the little skill that I have.

"The End"

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

"Stay Home, Stay Safe & Let's Beat Corona".


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