Food for tortoise


We have a new addition to our family and that is a miniature tortoise which is doing great so far. Her food requirements are rather simple as she is mostly herbivore.

This one gets a fresh mix of various small pieces of lettuce, fruit, and vegetables daily. It is important to receive a mixed variety of plant food, otherwise, they can suffer malnutrition. It is also wrong to feed them fruit all the time because it could harm an animal's digestion. Citrus fruit is not recommended to feed them with and I would avoid anything in an onion family.
They usually don't drink water, unless heavily dehydrated. This one ignores a water feeder entirely.
She also likes berries and soft parts of plants.

I made her a large corner part of ceramic plating inside of a terrarium where I place fresh food. Plates can be taken out and washed. It is important to keep a terrarium clean to prevent mold and fungal growth.
Plates are surrounded by pebbles so that a tortoise removes soil while crawling across them before stepping onto a plate with food.

I will report more about our crawling friend soon.

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