Basic built for tortoise terrarium


We recently grew one member more, by acquiring a miniature tortoise and as fast as we could we built her a functional terrarium.

Of course, her habitat is next-level DIY with all bells and whistles important to such a creature, chosen food of her taste, and planted herbs, that get mowed by her activity.

I used natural plant-soil without additives for her terrarium and left one part of the terrarium uncovered so she can freely burrow which she does. Sand is not recommended as it holds too much moist and can damage tortoise with time.

Tortoises like privacy so she should have an enclosure to assure she has it and soil she can burrow without much effort.

A set of lamps on top of the habitat and additional heating lamp provides sun-like conditions. This was in fact a plant growth set that we cut and adapted to a bigger box. Heating and light will be explained in additional post.

Light should be shut down during the night as tortoises are diurnal and also shut at periods during the day as too much brightness can cause anxiety to the animal.

The terrarium is entirely enclosed with plexiglass with a slide for ventilation and two upper doors on both sides of the roofing that can open when necessary. The lower part is made of a water-resistant insulated later papered box with a plexiglass shell inside of a plant growth set.

Enclosure is not perfect and will be upgraded when we acquire materials and supplies for a bigger one.

I will report more about our crawling friend soon.

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