Is Sleep Tracking Safe for Us?



Sleep Tracking is a topic that I have mixed feelings for and the main reason for that is that for accurate Sleep Tracking you need to keep the device always connected to your body and that in my opinion doesn't sound great.
Nowadays most Smartwatches offer the Sleep Tracking feature in them and since I have one I have given it my fair share of tries and I have to say I have never had a worse time sleeping. Basically, the tracker in the Smartwatch tracks your movements in sleep and calculates how your Sleep was and how deep it was but for me, I would always be so self-conscious that I never managed to sleep properly and only those days when I was heavily tired were the days when I slept well but that definitely is an Anomaly.

I feel like keeping a device on me 24/7 even when I sleep is something that I am definitely not comfortable with and that definitely plays a huge role in the way I sleep. So yeah it could be in my psyche and I am just exaggerating but I will still not be using Sleep Tracking for now.