Buying Premium Perfumes Online


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I have always appreciated nice Perfumes but Premium Perfumes are often pretty costly and I couldn't afford them all the time. But due to a lot of changes in my work life and Crypto Life, I made some decent money, which meant I went crazy on Perfumes. At one point I had over 35 different Perfumes but only 7-8 of them were Super Premium Perfumes which cost over 7000 INR. Even though initially I was buying some cheap ones to test the waters I went on dove back into the Pricey Market once I got the hang of it.


The reason why I am talking about Buying Perfume Online is that in India there is a huge problem with First-Hand Copy Products and Perfumes are one of their favorite things to copy. Amazon and Flipkart the two big major eCommerce Platforms in India have several Fake Perfumes in their Catalogue that smell like absolute garbage but are priced at just the right price to be considered a DISCOUNT was given by the Platform. For example, Eau De Parfum costing around 7000 INR is discounted to 5600 INR and most of us feel like it's a good deal and grab it only to find a cheap copy of the same perfume inside the BOX.

So yeah it is definitely tricky to find a website where you can find Geniunine Perfumes for yourself. Yes, there is the choice to go to a Shopping Mall and Buy from their own shop but that will obviously cost you a lot more than what you bargained for. So I choose something else where I started to buy Perfumes from different Websites but I bought the low budget Perfumes just so I could check the quality of the perfumes and once I got a couple of good websites that were selling Original Perfumes I stuck with them and are now one of my goto choices for buying PERFUMES. Plus I also use CRED SHOP which sells Perfumes as well and they are also genuine.