Saturday breeze.

Hello friends,

Here is my Saturday Breeze set of photos. I edited them so that palm trees now remind me of Bounty advertisement:-) You know this coconut filled chocolate.
The second half of August has been good for the beach time. Flags were green and purple. No one cares anymore about purple which means marine life is active. We just needed to have red flag (strong waves or even rip current) for one and a half months to realize that with green flag jellyfish is not too bad. I realized how spoiled I used to be, and now appreciate good things even more.



The yellow flower you see below has a funny story to it.
It was growing next to the beach shower, and I wanted to try making photo of it with the water sprinkling from the shower. So I was squatting trying to get a good angle, and then realized a few people were staring at me waiting to get in the shower, and I was taking long time, oops.



Here are more palm trees. These are the different kind then the first ones. They are shorter and thicker.



On this photo I liked the shadow from the branches in the bottom part of the picture. I like how it’s contrasting with the flower.



And one more time tropical feel of a palm tree. My mom likes to imagine sitting under a palm tree looking up. She said it really helps her to calm down, whenever she feels nervous. I think it’s a great idea to have your own tool that helps to get things together.


I hope you enjoyed the photos.

All the photos are taken by me, copyright (c) @artmom.

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