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Dragons Take on Life and Magic

Hello, Splinterlords!

I come here before the time runs out -- the challenge will be over in a few hours and as I do not battle with Dragons too much, it took me longer before I could share mine.

It was not until I was preparing this write-up when I realized that I did not own this summoner - Drake of Arnak.

Drake of Arnak is a rare Untamed Dragon summoner that gives all friendly monsters +1 shield. I reckon this will be a good fit for the upcoming battle -- Heavy Hitters where Fire, Life, Earth, and Dragons were the activated monsters.

I saw that the opponent had been using magic in his recent battles and so I decided to tackle the battle using the Dragon Summoner and the legendary Robo-Dragon Knight as my tank monster.

The Robo Dragon Knight is the perfect fusion of Gloridax power and efficiency with Khymian whimsy and life. The Khymians, by giving the metal beast a soul may have gone too far, for if the Order can distribute souls, can they not also take them away? (Splinterlore)

The Challenge

  • 24 Mana Cap
  • Rule Set: Heavy Hitters - All monsters have knock-out ability

The Team

First Line:Robo-Dragon Knight
Second Line:Furious Chicken
Third Line:Khmer Princes
Fourth Line:Fire Spitter
Fifth Line:Djinn Biljka

Dragons Lead the Battle

The cards were laid and I initially doubted my team. The opponent had used Lorna Shine as his summoner, which gave the opponent team divine shields at the beginning of the battle. He also used 3 magic monsters with 2 damage each -- whew, magic hits penetrate the shield! I think I also have to mention Djinn Renova who gives extra health to all the opposing team.

However, with my Robo-Dragon Knight leading the pack, I believe we stand a chance. Besides, this legendary dragon has 8 shield (+1 courtesy of Drake of Arnak), 9 health, 3 melee damage, and is decently fast with 3 speed. Its void ability is a great defence against the enemy's magic attacks, not to mention its divine shield too!

Round 1 was about putting an end to the Pelacor Conjurer which had 5 lives and the divine shield. Robo-Dragon Knight lost two health and a shield in the process.


Robo-Dragon Knight was still standing strong at round 2 as Lunakari Mistress took over at the other side. She had 7 health and beating her was not easy. Robo-Dragon Knight supported by the rest of the team survived it and would still enter the next round as a complete team while the opponent already lost two.


Round 3 ended easily with the death of Lunakari Mistress and the Light Elemental also sustaining big damage. My team led by Robo-Dragon Knight was still in-tact although we would come into round 4 with only 2 health for my robo-dragon.


We finally face Djinn Renova in round 4. My team was holding on strong! We leave this round with robo-dragon hanging on to dear life with 1 health and 6 shield. We need to take down Renova in the next round no matter what.


Djinn Renova took her final blow in round 5, again with each of my monsters fighting with all their might. I have to say that Fire Spitter's 2 ranged-damage was also a killer.

Round 6 was just about finishing off the last enemy which really could not fight anymore with his ranged attack.



How could I have doubted the fierce capability of the dragons? They survived even the most wicked mage attackers.

We came out victorious in this battle. There will definitely be more battles to come, but with the dragons on our side, we could really make it!

Interested to see the full battle? Here's the link:

Dragons Take on Life and Magic on Splinterlands

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Photos are screenshots taken from the game Splinterlands.com

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