History and Beautiful Nuances (Islamic Center Mosque Lhokseumawe)

When I first set foot and saw this mosque I was amazed. Tired of walking around all day is replaced with a sense of calm, comfort and happiness. A mosque with a Middle Eastern feel in the fertile land of Aceh. Standing majestically in the city center of Lhokseumawe, Aceh Province, Islamic Center or Almarkazul Islami Lhokseumawe. This revives our memories of the glorious history of the Islamic Kingdom of Samudera Pasai (Samudera Pase) which was recorded in history as the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia.

The first phase of the Islamic Center construction project began by building a grand mosque whose structure is so large with an impressive arrangement of large domes. Located on the street T. Hamzah Treasurer- Simpang Empat, Banda Sakti District Lhokseumawe - NAD. It is not difficult to find the location because this mosque is already quite famous and from a distance its beauty can also be seen.

History of the Development of the Islamic Center Lhokseumawe.

To restore the glory of Islam Samudra Pasai (the First Islamic Work in Indonesia) and restore the function of the totality of a mosque and unite the division of the Islamic Ummah in a main container, namely the mosque known as Al-Markazul Islami City of Lhokseumawe. This mega building was initiated by Ulama figures and scholars in the North Aceh region under the leadership of the former North Aceh Regent, Ir. H. Tarmizi A Karim, M.Sc.

In the short-term program, the Islamic Center begins with the construction of the Grand Mosque (main) covering an area of ​​16,475.80 square meters and is estimated to be able to accommodate 20,000 worshipers. To restore the totality function of a mosque, the construction of a multi-purpose building (Multy Purpose Building), public library, Dirasah Khassah (Islamic Studies), Museum / Art Gallery and Play Group, guest house (Guest House) and outlets (kiosks) has also been designed. ), the High Priest's House, Tower and Tugu which all cost IDR 150 Billion.


The results of the friendship between the Islamic center management and the ulama in the pase area and its surroundings received a positive response, for various programs or activities that have been launched by the Islamic center management. And the results of the visit provided creative ideas and motivation to help the administrators of the Islamic Center of Lhokseumawe City.

Although the building has not been completed 100% and the facilities are very adequate, the Islamic Center management has carried out the programs at this Islamic center well.
The presence of an Islamic center in the midst of the Muslim Ummah of Lhokseumawe City and Aceh in general,
is not only to re-discover Islamic civilization that once flourished in the land of Rencong but as a new concentration area for the rise of Islam in the world so that its existence in the middle of Lhokseumawe city can show its strategic role as a center renewal towards a more Islamic life value system.

Background and Development Goals of Lhokseumawe City Islamic Center The Center for the Study and Development of Islam or better known as the Islamic Center (al-Markazul Islami) which stands right in the center of Lhokseumawe City, is a new icon of the Samudra Pase region as a center of New Concentration to re-create the glory and Islamic civilization that is immersed in the region. The First Islamic State in Southeast Asia.

The history of the greatness of the Sultanate of Samudera Pasai to the sultanate of Aceh Darussalam to the intention to restore the function of the mosque as the center of Islamic civilization became the main background for the construction of the Lhokseumawe Islamic Center. Referring to the history of Rasulullah Shalallahu alaihi wasallam when he moved to Medina, the first thing he built was a mosque. All of this teaches us how important the role of the mosque is for Muslim life.

The objectives of the Lhokseumawe City Islamic Center include:

  • Realizing a mosque that is prosperous and monumental as a center for the development of the people and Islamic culture.
  • Organizing Muslim resource development activities through da'wah, education and training.
  • Study activities for the development of Islamic thought and insight.
  • Organizing activities for the development of Islamic arts and culture.
  • Organizing community development activities and social services.
  • Organizing Islamic data and information development activities.
  • Organizing Islamic business activities and business development.
  • Realizing the environmental layout of the Islamic Center of Lhokseumawe city which has Islamic nuances, is beautiful, comfortable and monumental.

The functions of the Islamic Center of Lhokseumawe City include:

  • Function of Takmir Mosque (Prosperity of the Mosque)
  • Education and Training Function
  • Socio-Cultural Function
  • Information and Communication Function
  • Islamic Business Development Function
  • Other Supporting Functions.
    I was in this mosque quite a long time. Mainly for worship also see the surroundings. People come from everywhere to stop at this mosque.
    There are also couples who do a photo session before the wedding with the background of this mosque. Because it must be admitted that the design and shape of this mosque is truly extraordinary. Hopefully one day I can visit this mosque again.

I really appreciate and thank those of you who have taken the time to stop by at my post. Have a great day!


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Bangunan Masjid yang megah dan mewah, menjadi ikon di daerah setempat, bentuk arsitektur timur tengah. @arlaarifin, mau tanya kalau untuk mengatasi masalah muted,itu gemana tks sebelumnya.


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