Dusun Bambu Bandung; Ecotourism with the charm of Sundanese traditional culture.

For those of you who are currently confused about finding a place to calm your mind as well as recreation, Dusun Bambu Bandung could be the most appropriate choice.

This holiday experience was a first for me and very memorable.
It started when I decided to return from my hometown after the semester break by taking a flight to Bandung.
At that time Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung was still used for the public before being moved to Majalengka to become West Java International Airport.

Morning situation at Bandung Airport
After arriving in Bandung I tried to contact my friend who was already in her female cousin's boarding house to pick me by her motorcycle.
But suddenly I remembered information from another friend of mine who had taken me to the airport, that he had a little difficulty finding public transportation such as taxis, motorcycle and so on. Although it is a small airport and its location is in the middle of the city, there are rules for passengers who want to use or look for public transportation directly or online, they must walk a dozen meters to get out of the airport area and can order it. And apparently, the friend I asked to pick up had never and didn't know the location of the airport. Knowing this,
I immediately asked for the location of her cousin's boarding house and ordered online transportation (Gojek).
My choice of using a motorcycle was not wrong in the middle of the city of Bandung, which was very jammed and crowded with Gojek drivers who rode their motorcycle quite agilely.

It didn't take long for about a dozen minutes for me to arrive at the Ledeng Bandung terminal junction. Then I contacted my friend and soon she came and we headed for the boarding house where we were staying.

During 3 days 2 nights in Bandung, we visited many places including Dusun Bambu.
For trips to several vacation spots, my friend already knows the route so there is no need to worry about getting lost.
This is because he often travels to Subang-Bandung by motorcycle.

That morning, the clock showed 9:00 am.
We started our journey to Dusun Bambu enjoying the morning air and green scenery on the right and left that made our eyes and minds fresh.
To get to the tourist sites, there are several routes that you can take, for example the route we took was through the Sergeant Bajuri road to the Parongpong area and finally arrived at the location.
Why we chose this route is because our place to stay is in the area around Ledeng, not too far to get to Dusun Bambu.

Overview of Dusun Bambu Bandung
Dusun Bambu is an exemplary ecotourism in West Java that marries the beauty of nature with the charm of Sundanese traditional culture. Spanning over 15 hectares of land at the foot of mount Burangrang.
Dusun Bambu was prehviously an abandoned agricultural land, which was left in deplorable conditions.
In 2008, a group of Indonesian businessman took initiative and repaired the damaged ecosystem, turning it into a bamboo conservation area.

The arresting beauty of Dusun Bambu’s nature landscape has fascinated many people. With its slightly hilly topography, hikers and bikers find it an ideal place to explore Burangrang’s nature and cultural points of interest terraced rice fields, a small lake and a small river give the area its distinct character. Dusun Bambu has been designated for preservation of native plant species, including trees, flowers and especially bamboo. Here families can explore nature and local traditions in fun ways.

Ticket price
As with several other tourist attractions in Lembang, to enter tourist sites, visitors pay an entrance ticket first. In addition, visitors who bring private vehicles also pay a parking fee with the details of the fees as follows:

Entrance Ticket IDR 20,000 - IDR 25,000.
Car Parking IDR 15,000.
Motorcycle Parking IDR 10,000.
Bus Parking IDR 25,000.

Dusun Bambu has unique restaurants inspired by famous folktales in West Java. The Kampung Layung Villas is an accomodation that promises a great value along with the space, privacy and comfort. Ample parking space and shuttle bus has made every visit to Dusun Bambu conve- nient. Outdor activities are available including camping.

Dusun Bambu also provides a shuttle car to go to several separate areas. But we chose to walk. The curved bamboo along this road seems to have its own charm and I love it. We chose to eat at the food court because we were interested in the various culinary specialties that Bandung has to offer.

The Playground and Rabbit Labyrinth areas are located right next to the food court.
Rabbit Labyrinth is a play area with rabbits. The entry ticket is IDR 35,000/child and can be accompanied by one companion, including a small bunch of kale and carrot pieces for the rabbit. When we enter the area we feel like we are in the world of Alice in Wonderland, with short labyrinths and small houses for rabbits.

Arimbi Garden
Arimbi Garden now presents a special garden walk and bike path just for you and your family. Follow the special cycling path in Arimbi Garden which reaches 4 km with views of the Lavender flower garden. Also enjoy the sensation of walking leisurely down a special path while breathing fresh air and enjoying the natural scenery.

Lutung Kasarung Restaurant
This unique building turns out to be mini restaurants that are designed to resemble birds' nests, similar to the original, moreover added with decorations in the form of strands of plant roots that cover each birdcage restaurant. but because we came too early this restaurant is not open yet.
I can only take this photos.

Lembur Urang
Visit Lembur Urang, a real replica of a traditional Sundanese village complete with various interesting information and rides, ranging from rice fields, the village head's house, to traditional games. Meaning 'Kampung Halamanku'
in Indonesian, there are many cultural values ​​in this ride that you can teach your kids from an early age. Also enjoy the exclusive experience of making your own woven, batik and woven crafts.

In addition to culinary tours at the Lutung Kasarung restaurant, other culinary tours are also available at 2 (two) unique restaurant locations, namely at Cafe Burangrang and at Restaurant Purbasari. The front view of Cafe Burangrang is similar to cafes in general, but if we enter the inside of the cafe until the end, we can see its uniqueness which is designed in the form of mini rooms with wooden walls complete with parts that resemble windows and doors, even though the middle is tables and chairs where visitors sit and enjoy the ordered menu. And, in addition to enjoying culinary delights in these small rooms, beautiful views and panoramas are also presented in front of your eyes with a small lake and a stretch of gazebo which is also a place to eat called the Purbasari restaurant. So we spent a long time at the Purbasari restaurant spot with a beautiful view.

I really appreciate and thank those of you who have taken the time to stop by at my post. Have a great day!


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Bookmarked! Colorful places, with a great views and many spots for doing fun activities.


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Beautiful photos! I would love to visit the rabbit labyrinth, I have never heard of anything similar. In the winter time I suppose they are kept indoors


Thank you so much for dropping by @creativemary :)
I hope one day you can visit the rabbit labyrinth. Because I live in Indonesia there is no winter.


Oh so no snow? That's interesting, I did not know that


Keren sih,tapi aku belum pernah kesana 😀


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