A Scent That Makes You Happy


Hello hive people, how are you?
May you always be healthy and happy.

Do you have a favorite scent?
Some scents that can make the mood rise is by smelling baby powder, orange, mint leaves and flowers. Has a distinctive aroma and makes calm. Even though you rarely do it,
it is very impressive if you accidentally smell it. Like flower plants in the yard, regularly watered, well cared for, they will grow beautifully. Make people who plant it feel proud because it has succeeded.

Flowers can appear singly or together in a series. Flowers that appear together are referred to as compound interest or inflorescence. In some species, compound interest can be considered common as a (single) flower, for example in Anthurium and sunflower. The unit of interest that composes compound interest is called a floret.

Botanically, flowers are parts of plants that produce seeds. Pollination and fertilization takes place in the flower. After fertilization, the flower will develop further to form a fruit. In flowering plants, the fruit is the structure that carries and protects the seeds.

Of course we know, there are several types of flowers whose aroma is very good for calming the mind and making you feel better. For example, like the scent of roses or the scent of lavender.

Not only that, jasmine flowers can also improve our mood. Studies have found that a bouquet or even a single flower has a direct impact on happiness, helping reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and improving emotional bonds and relationships between friends and family.

In the yard of the house there are several types of plants and flowers. This is an activity and a favorite of my mother.
She likes gardening, growing lots of plants in the front and back yard of the house. In my opinion, whatever my mother planted always thrives and is beautiful. Great woman. Because I don't have talent like my mother.

Some of the benefits of flowers in everyday life include:

  • As an ornamental plant
    The various shapes and colors give more value to flowers. Its beauty makes flowers an option for decoration.
    Simply put it in a vase, flowers can make a room look more beautiful. Flowers can also be arranged in such a way and used as decorations for certain events such as weddings, or given as gifts for loved ones.

  • As Aromatherapy and Fragrance
    It's not just the color that becomes benefits of flowers. Flowers also produce a variety of very distinctive aromas depending on the type. The scent of jasmine flowers will be very different from the aroma of roses. In addition, the scent of flowers can be used as a fragrance, such as perfume, soap, shampoo, and air freshener. And I really like it.

  • For health
    The benefits of flowers are not limited to the element of beauty. Flowers contain many substances that are very useful for health. By processing it, flowers can be a cure for various diseases. One example is roses.

  • As a seasoning
    Besides being consumed for health, there are several types of flowers that can be used as cooking spices and flavor enhancers. For example, kecombrang, telang flower, cloves, star anise, and onion flower.

Kecombrang can be processed into chili sauce, or mixed with rice to make kecombrang fried rice. Meanwhile, cloves are widely used as a spice in spicy dishes in European countries. The whole or powder form can give a strong aroma as well as warm. Imagining this makes me hungry. Lol.

Flowers and plants have always coexisted with humans. Complement each other and add to the beauty. Incredible natural beauty. And of course, if it is already thriving, don't neglect to care for and take care of it. Maintained neatness, shape, and water intake. For those who have not planted trees or flowers, please try and start from scratch. Because there will be many beautiful benefits from plants that we plant with love.

I really appreciate and thank those of you who have taken the time to stop by at my post. Have a great day!

Enjoy the beauty of your plants and your beautiful days.


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