ArchonTribe News 89: Winners, Contests, And Rewards!


Hello everyone! 😎

The 89th weekly edition of the ArchonTribe News is online!

We support communities with our automated tools and services and here are the contests, winners, and rewards for the best content from the ArchonTribe-powered communities!


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Micro-earnings are here!
Post links on LeoThreads and use the hashtags #liotes #leofinance #featheredfriends #ladiesonhive #gosh #silverbloggers. You'll be rewarded with Hive and other tokens.
If you know of any others, let me know.
Also, in you can create Ecency.waves [Add new column/waves], new microblogging feature. You can earn Ecency points for posting and commenting!


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Contests winners and rewards!

Shadow Hunters (SMaSh) - Show me a Shadow contest round 270, hosted by @melinda010100, winners are (in no particular order): @elitogold, @big.whale, @lovelyvyna, @gems.and.cookies, @naniplayergamer, @aslamrer, @suzana72, @soelthan, @blanca56, and @chacald.dcymt.

Each winner received 200 Ecency POINTS donated by @ecency, 2 QUEER donated by @queercoin, 2 LOH donated by @ladiesofhive, 5 ARCHON donated by @ecoinstant, 1 HSBI by @hive-179017, and an entry into @pixresteemer's Re-hive contest.
And @sagarkothari88 is sending out additional POINTS prizes to the winners!

Honorable mentions @manuelgil64, @femcy-willcy, and @idea-make-rich.
Each received 100 Ecency POINTS, 2 ARCHON Tokens donated by @ecoinstant, 20 FOODIE Tokens donated by @sirenhippie, and 1HSBI from @hive-179017!

Each participant received an Ecency Points tip.


You can enter Shadow Hunters/SMaSh contest round 271 here, rewards 56 ARCHON, 20 QUEER, 20 LOH, 230 ENGAGE, 20 LEN, 30 FOODIE, 13 HSBI, and 2300 Ecency POINTS!

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Reflection Hunters contest round 116, hosted by @olgavita, winners are (in no particular order): @ansoe, @manuelgil64, @pungdaler, @yorgar, and @rosmadirazali.

Each received 1 HIVE coin, 200 Ecency Points donated by @ecency, 2 LUV donated by @wesphilbin, 30 CCC donated by @seckorama, 14 Foodie tokens donated by the Amazing Drinks community.

Honorable mentions @danielgye, @castri-ja, and @coolmidwestguy. They received 100 Ecency points each.

@sagarkothari88 gives additional Ecency points to each winner and Honourable Mention!

Each participant received an Ecency Points tip.


Enter Reflection Hunters contest round 117 here, rewards 5 Hive, 12 LUV, 12 CINE, 98 Foodie, and 1800 Ecency POINTS!

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Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me A Photo) Contest Round 117, hosted by @nelinoeva, winners are (in no particular order): @crosheille, @ellenripley, @farm-mom, @lifeskills-tv, and @eto-ka.

Each winner received 2 HIVE, 1 CINE by @stickupboys, 1 ARCHON, and 1 DHEDGE by @ecoinstant, and 500 Ecency Points. Also, extra Ecency points by @sagarkothari88.


Enter Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me A Photo) Contest Round 118 here!
Rewards 10 HIVE and 2500 Ecency Points!

New rewards, read this - Feathered Friends Meet Leo Finance in Threading and How To Thread In Leo. Vote for Bird of the Week 21!

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Enter Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 42 here, hosted by @wrestlingdesires.


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Ladies of Hive Contest #135, hosted by @ladiesofhive, winners are:

First place
@jennivic for the post Hacks that improve my life - Hacks que mejoran mi vida
Received Grand Prize 3 Hive, 15 LEO tokens, 4 QEER tokens, and 300 Ecency Points.

@belena2128 for the post MY HACK TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER
Received 2 Hive, 7 LEO tokens, 3 QUEER tokens, and 150 Ecency Points.

Third-Place winners are @deisip67, @deraaa, and @sacra97.
Each received 1 Hive, 2 QUEER tokens, 50 Ecency Points, and a split of the remaining LEO tokens.

And @sagarkothari88 sends a bonus of 100 Ecency Points to all on the Winners List! Thank you for doing this for the LOH community! πŸ’œ

Everyone who participates received LADY (LOH) token.


Enter Ladies of Hive Community Contest #136 here!
Rewards 15 HIVE, 30 LEO tokens, 19 QUEER tokens, 1000 Ecency Points, and LADY(LOH) tokens for participation!

New rewarding opportunity, read Ladies THREADS and be rewarded with LEO and HIVE! and Win 10K USD for you and 100k Hive Power for Ladies of Hive
Must read The benefits of THREADS
Vote for Ladies of Hive AUTHOR OF THE WEEK - Week 8


You are ALL invited to participate in these contests!

If you decide to post in these communities, please, READ CAREFULLY the terms, conditions, and rules for each contest.

There are more than 40 HIVE rewards in contests pools, more than 5000 @ecency POINTS, and many other tokens (ARCHON, LEO, LEN, CINE, QUEER, Lady(LOH), ENGAGE, LUV)

Did you know that all ArchonTribe communities distributed $108,435.00 rewards (to authors $52,651 and to curators $55,781) in the year 2022? Source
13,277 members of these communities could get it!

And remember the Important benefits of ArchonTribe communities:

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The Future Is Bright!

Stay Tuned!


Congratulations to all the winners, I am happy to contribute in Shadow hunters Contest. Thanks Archon Tribe for honorable mention.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 158 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!