Hive Financial Statistics – 2023.05.22

Welcome to the daily financial report about the Hive blockchain.

All the information presented in this report is based on the data collected from the blockchain until 2023-05-22 midnight UTC. This report aims to provide you with a clear view of what is happening on the Hive blockchain.

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1. Price

These graphs show the evolution of prices in USD for HIVE and HBD.

2. Supply

This graph shows the evolution of HIVE virtual Supply. The virtual supply is the sum of HIVE supply (liquid and staked HIVE) and HBD supply (converted into HIVE).
The graph also displays the debt ratio (HBD supply / HIVE virtual supply). Keep in mind that since hardfork 24 funds in the treasury ( HBD balance) don't count towards the HBD debt ratio.

These graphs show the evolution of the HIVE Supply (both liquid and staked) and the HBD supply.

These charts show the evolution of the liquid HIVE and the staked HIVE (Hive Power).

This graph shows the overall Hive tokens distribution.

3. HBD Savings

@ordinal13,019.163 HBD@cloudblade5,396.412 HBD
@bnb-hbd3,500.000 HBD@bank-of-woo1,000.000 HBD
@growandbow1,619.111 HBD@grindan479.077 HBD
@hiveauth324.984 HBD@geneeverett80.573 HBD
@bhr-pool200.000 HBD@itravelrox76.083 HBD
@tarazkp149.989 HBD@wrestlingdesires70.000 HBD
@feruz131.952 HBD@capt.wildbill62.343 HBD
@terezka192.000 HBD@splinterdany60.000 HBD
@rynos-674.150 HBD@anandkj61150.000 HBD
@goldenchild64.000 HBD@wrestorgonline43.146 HBD

This graph shows how much and how many accounts store HBD in savings. The table below shows the topmost HBD deposits and withdrawals of the day.

Note: As of 2021-06-30 (HF25) interest is only paid for HBD which are stored in savings.

This chart shows the amount of interest paid each month for holding HBD and how many accounts received such interest.

4. Balances

This graph shows the number of HIVE, both liquid and in savings, held by all accounts.

This graph shows the number of HBD, both liquid and in savings, held by all accounts. It also displays the amount of HBD stored in the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF).

5. Conversions

Note: As a reminder, conversion requests are only finalized after 3 days. It is only then that it is known exactly how many HIVE were burned in return for the HBD received at the time of the conversion request.

This graph shows the number of HIVE collateralized due to requests to convert HIVE to HBD over the past few days.

These graphs show the number of HIVE effectively used by the conversion process (HIVE converted and 5% HIVE fee which is burned) each day and month when requests to convert HIVE to HBD have been finalized.

These graphs show the number of HBD burned, each day and each month, following requests to convert HBD to HIVE.

6. Powerup and Powerdown

2023-05-22 04:09:42@atyh12,503.592 HIVE
2023-05-22 07:38:48@klye3,293.083 HIVE
2023-05-22 12:21:30@tanzil20242,000.099 HIVE
2023-05-22 10:52:27@joythewanderer1,300.071 HIVE
2023-05-22 04:20:27@hivecc0011,146.445 HIVE
2023-05-22 04:21:33@hivecc0021,116.905 HIVE
2023-05-22 10:46:00@amico1,116.733 HIVE
2023-05-22 04:22:54@hivecc0031,073.040 HIVE
2023-05-22 07:29:21@monycatt1,051.081 HIVE
2023-05-22 02:30:21@copperpitch1,000.083 HIVE

This graph and table show the amount of powerdown initiated over the last 7 days, and the largest initiated on this day.

@rsstarpro6,205.000 HIVE@drbanner20,198.918 HIVE
@knockcrypto5,000.000 HIVE@apshamilton2,293.687 HIVE
@aellly2,760.279 HIVE@aggroed1,545.352 HIVE
@deanliu2,655.689 HIVE@curie1,503.375 HIVE
@justclickindiva1,179.819 HIVE@bcarolan639869.140 HIVE
@sydechan1,112.876 HIVE@mahiepit852.296 HIVE
@dejan.vuckovic778.690 HIVE@wrestorgonline834.702 HIVE
@demotruk706.081 HIVE@rotanner769.666 HIVE
@macaw600.000 HIVE@qurator769.666 HIVE
@nickelbunker413.481 HIVE@madushanka672.688 HIVE

This graph shows the daily HIVE power-up, power-down, and the resulting variation over the last 30 days. The table shows the topmost power-ups and power-downs of the day.

This graph shows the monthly HIVE power-up, power-down and the resulting variation.

Values for the last 3 months


7. Transfers

These graphs show the volume (in USD) of HIVE and HBD transferred between accounts.

8. Exchanges

These graphs show the amount and distribution of HIVE and HBD stored on the exchanges where they are listed.

These graphs show the daily evolution of HIVE and HBD stored on the exchanges where they are listed.

I hope you find those stats useful. If you would like to see additional stats, feel free to drop me a comment. Your feedback is than welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 157 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


HEY! I made it in a stat post, how cool is that? Thanks for the mention 😁


didnt know my small 800 hive power down made it in the stat post lol. Wonder if my conversion of 1500 hbd will be in next months to


We need something like this for every service like the node shares bc the calcualtions are not shown and many services dont pay out all of the things you would expect or maybe ppl dont think about it but the price that the node is sold for your better off taking like 5ppl you know and splitting one from the mkt bc they are sold using 2500 or the floor price when you can buy one for 700-800 right now. Im deff doing a node service to but mine will be very clear on the fees and what the purchase price was and what im selling it for bc it will have a mark up but it will be disclosed and there will be subscription models as well like a time share where ppl can buy a node and any appreciation or depreciation for a year - forever and it will be priced accordingly and the larger the share like say a node is split in two then those units will have less fees than one with 20 shares bc of the work involved administratively. Also for many people they would probably like exposure to other nodes as well and say tokens like eth where you need 32 of them or tezos with 8000 or other lp positions and nodes that are more costly and possibly mining operations which is where the investment club im going to start on one of the crowdfunding sites and with some private investment clubs first after i have my capital in it to show performance for a good 6 months and liekly will have a few ppl that want to get involved in it but ill just be writing about it and building the website and tribe and the posts will be about the performance and various decisions and positions that we are in and why. That will likely get ppl interested in it if they like what they see and the performance. Also it will be done correctly from a tax perspective and set up using a legal entity so people actually know they own what we say they own not just receive a random token that may or may not be legally incorporated and just created in 5 minutes by some random person. Some ppl might not want to get a K-1 or 1099 for tax purposes but that is a way to make sure that you dont get screwed later and it will be registered with the sec using 506bs exemption so it wont cost much and the info required to be reported is nothing to the sec except basic stuff about the entity. The unit holders will get all the updates weekly and have a standard report that will be able to plug there number of units in and all of the relevant info including a list of assets and show the percentages of each asset type they own. In order to defer taxes or legally avoid paying them indefinitely various things will be done like shorting futures contracts to hedge the btc , eth , gold , polygon, etc asset lp pools so that if the prices decrease the futures hedge and increase in value and it is more of a sideways trade where you have it hedged to collect fees and then use other assets like real estate syndications that have very favorable tax rules in the US where you usually get a paper tax loss for years which can be used to offset other passive income and some of the staking,market making , flipping etc if they are limited partners just investing in the LLC and also lending and borrowing assets will be used to defer taxes as well as use of opportunity zone funds for deferral of capital gains short term into real estate projects where if they are held 10 years no tax will ever need to be paid on the investment for federal purposes and some states. Also rolling some profits into physical gold, palladium,platinum, silver bullion vaults and using them to borrow against up to 75% using short futures contracts as well to hedge the value in case of big moves you can sell the contract and repay the loan without the risk of not being able to cover fast enough and use the short futures funding rate of a percent or so to offset some of the loan cost then take the funds and invest them in something that is liquid enough to get the money in a week or two but makes more than the loan cost to earn from 1-30% ish likely on the capital depending on what you do with it. The interest will also be tax deductible against income so the actual cost of the loan will be less depending on your tax rate and you can likely specially allocate the interest to people with higher tax rates in return for additional cash distributions to other members so that the deduction can be maximized for benefit and everyone else gets the benefit of additional cash. Also early on the fund can plan to maximize other benefits like it will have a loc that each partner will be given the cash back that is not needed at the moment for a 1% rate and the partner will agree to deposit it in a CD for say 5% which is the current rate or high yeild savings at 5% and it will net 4% extra but when the cash is needed it must be returned within a week so the fund can make the investment it needs to which will minimize the idle cash held. Also with a larger amount of money pooled the fund can invest in projects requiring higher minimums than many investors can do alone like 25-100K per investment in say the voyager pacific tax lein raw land and sfr fund which has done 16% with no leverage and distributes cash flow monthly since inception and since there is no leverage you can have leverage added if the fund say uses a line of credit or loan using hedged eth which would mean just borrowing a way overcollaterolized loan of eth and shorting the futures contract to deposit the money on say maker to get dai which can be converted to cash and used to add 25% leverage at a cost of like .25% or so not counting any incentives on the protocals and bump the apr to 20% with a little extra risk or 50% with a bit more risk and that would get it to 24% apr which is low leverage for a real estate fund like that which would normally have 50-75% of loans built in. Getting a consistent 24% a year on stable assets like tax leins mostly with some sfr and land is a great investment. Also can look at adding royalty interests and working interests in minerals , gas and oil which for a working interest is nonpassive for taxx purposes no matter what so people with w2s can still offset that year one 80% deduction against there w2 income for taxes instead of having a carry forward so we can look at everyones sources of income andlevels when making decisions as well to optimize the funds investments to ensure that they either get or dont get pushed out of a level where they get a tax credit. Like one is the savers credit and if your single you need to have a agi of like 18K or less (might be off a tiny bit on the number) but if you say have a income of 30-50K and you can max your 401K and IRA contributions you can eliminate like 30K in taxable income get that down to 20K and say you also have a h.s.a of 3000 and student loans of 2500 as well as a activly managed rental property you own or some other side hustle that is a business like blogging to earn money on hive more than a hobby and you also have a for example small car detailing business that is mobile you can buy a new car at the end of the tax year take 100% bonus depreciation bc you will drive it like say 50 miles for business and use a second old car for personal drives get the depreciation and after that you can drive the new car 51 % business and 49% personal for 5 years and never recapture the full deduction then after the 5 years rotate that to your personal vehicle and trade the junker in for a new car again and do the same thing distribute the old car to a personal vehicle but since you didnt selll it and if you are a single member llc you will only pay taxes on the sale price of the car when you sell it or trade it in. So the junker trade price say of 2K would be taxable in this case but the new car say is 50K and you finance 80% you can still write off 100% of it and do the same thing and write off the car even though its not paid for yet get a 50K deduction which would offset your 50K w2 income to 0 for income tax and you would then contribute to a roth 401K and ira which in this case would not be taxed bc you didnt pay tax on the salary used to max it and also use what ever exemption or itemized deductions to do a rollover of your traditional IRA to a roth which becomes taxable but the exemptions and deductions make it not taxed so you never need to pay tax on the money you deducted and now get to witdraw for free from the roth and you can take out with no penalty any contributions which is the rollover amount after 5 years and take that use it the next year to contribute to the deductible 401K if ou need to lower income and go through the same process of getting it rolled over to a roth in a year when you canmake your income lower or negative for tax purposes. Also a H.S.Aif you have a hdhp is the bestretirement account to bc you can contribute tax free and use the withdrawls for medical expenses which we all have tax free and you can put the money in a brokerage account you dont need to use the bs .1% savings that most employers make it so easy to sign up for youcan actually put real investments in it and get a good return on it. No benefits team has ever mentioned it and i asked once and they had to look it up lol. Also ppl wont mention a solo 401K with checkbook control pretty much ever to you but if you have a side hustle thats a business use that or a sep with checkbook control to open up thedoors to being able todo almost anything youwant including invest in things like splinterlands in your ira only if you can afford to risk it in higher risk things but you can also open a say IBKR broker account which gives you access tomarkets around the world individual stocks futures, options etc instead of the carefully selected mutual funds that charge .5-2% a year in fees when you can just look at the top holdings and mimic those funds and leave out the shit you dont like as well as you wont pay that 1% fee which over 50 years will add up and suck out money no matter what . Which is why wealthy people i have done taxes for almost never own mutual funds they just buy the individual shares and bond isssues themselves and allocate them in a similar way as well as leave out theequities they dont want. Alot of stocks are propped up jsut bc they are in a index fund or popular mutual fund. can also provide liquid staking services for people say staking sps but want to use it as well so you have them deposit it on a account marked for them only and its staked then you have LAB-SPS / SPS with the amount of sps able to be used is 1/2 the sps deposited so you get the LAB-SPS which can be deposited in the LP for it to receive the DAO token for the operation which will receive 15% of the staking rewards generated as a fee and the other 85% are kept in a second account for the person but only paid out when they withdraw there staked sps entirely from the operation and 25% of the staking on the interest is taken as part of the fee as well and added to the DAO along with 50% of the GLX air drop the rest of the GLX air drop is distributed monthly with the staking rewards on the air dropped amount going to the fund as fee income directly. The dao will also have a lp pair with the same version of this but with glx so it will have a LAB-GLX/LAB-SPS lp pair. We also want to make card lp pools where varoius cards can be deposited for locked in time frames or 7 days for st which will provide much less interest. The min non st will be 1 month max one year and the rate will be determined bye the average rent over 7 days divided by 3 as a preferred return then after that the rent is split 50/50 between the fund and the person depositing the card into the funds account for each person or group using the service where the inventory of cards is then rented out using nfty arcade to the guilds that need to have a certain deck or need a higher level deck or even a single card that may be rare which will be sourced from players that have it for a additional 20% fee bc all the rental revenue will goto the person providing the card to the fund and it will stay in the card bank and get delegated out to the player sourcing it and the 20% fee is kept by the fund for doing the work to find it. The min time rented is at least until the player pays 10 dollars in rent from that card since finding it takes time. Also the fund will have a shop with cards and assets for sale that we get by bidding and buying in bulk to turn a profit on them and there will be tiers of memberships to none or guest to platinum where all prices are discounted 30% from the guest price and there will be a limited amount of the discounted passes which will be NFTs that may have a future use to and for say RUNI holders who allow one runi to be deposited in the RUNI account for the fund where they are used on the funds land they get half off the platinum membership and a special NFT which will be used for there white label debit card from the company we are planning on using to do so and provide a easy way to spend sps and it will bed a black carbon fiber card with the RUNI on it and allow for borrowing against there runi or runis 1/20 th of the value at 5% denominated in 25% btc, 25% paxg , 25% USD, 25% ETH which will be what determines the payments in USD to the fund and will go up or down with the basket of the 4 assets. The fund will use the RUNI to put on its land plots to increase PP and be and use in battles for the best guilds and accounts it has to earn more. Initially the fund will only accept accredited investors who indicate that they are on the initial documents when they sign the funds operating agreement and the minimum contribution will be 25K per person and assets in digital form like btc, runi, sps , dec etc cards , other game assets , interests in llcs for private investments , public stock shares etc will all be considered when admitting a new partner and the built in gain or loss will need to be tracked for each asset so there will be a additional fee of 1% per year on the fmv of the LLC interest to pay for the administrative work that will need to be done which is on top of the 2% admin and management fee for all partners. Discounts or offsets will start when a partners capital contributed hits 100K or more and stop at 1 million which will be 1% with no built in gains or losses or 1.5% with built in gains or losses. There will be a preferred return structure that starts with lps getting a 5% preferred return non cumulative and then the GPs receiving the same but paid after the LP return. Returns beyond 10% but under 20% will be a 15% / 85% split, 20-40% will be a 25/75% split, 40-100% will be a 35/65% split and 100% plus will be a 50/50 split. If the partner contributes 100K - 500K the split is reduced 5% for all tiers but 10-20% which remains at 15% and for 500K - 1 million it will have a 7% reduction to the 15% split so 8% will be the split on the capital above the 500K mark but the 0-500K will still have 15%. If the investor holds the interest for more than 5 years there will be no disposition fee other than any actual costs incurred including extra accounting and legal fees associated with any final K-1s and extra computations requiring extra work. If disposed of in year 1 there will be a 10% disposition fee , year 2 5% , year 3 2.5% , year 4 1% and year 5 .5% after 0% - all fees are on top of the additional legal costs etc. The fund is expected to be a 10-15 year fund with capital planning on being returned by year 5 through a second capital raise for a hybrid fund which will be a debt and revenue share fund that offers two unit classes where one is a cash flow share of 50% of the net cash flow until either 10 years or 5X the initial capital which ever comes first and then the interest is terminated and the second is a fixed rate of 7% accrued interest compounding monthly and paid out after 5 years by converting the interest to equity in the entire fund with a maximum allocation of 15% of the fund and if the accrued interest is not equal to 15% of the funds value then it will be the lessor number of actual or 15% which is the cut off max. The principal will be then returned using a 8% note amortized over the next 5 years with a option to change the period to 10 years and increase the rate to 10% at any time before the initial 5 years is up. The loan will be guaranteed to be left open for 3 years but between 3-5 years it may be either paid off early or extended at the end of the 5 year term. If the note is extended it will have no restriction on early repayment. Interest and principal will be amortized and paid monthly and if a additional principal payment is made the amortization tables will be updated. The fees involved will be 5% of the interest income which for the accrual period will be offset against the principal owed and have the same compounding period as the interest paid. Once it switches to amortizing the fund will receive 7% of the interest income as well as for both periods only actual admin costs and other fees will be paid as a management fee to the mgmt company as a reimbursement as the taxes will be prepared by a cpa firm owned by one of the gps and any other admin work will also be done by that firm or outsourced if needed to be done and a small mark upw will be charged on the outsourced work. This is in place of a ongoing mgmt fee as the work will be billed at market rates by the firm. The Funds may issue DAO units to various independent contractors like players in the guilds etc and these DAO units will retain some of the profits from the excess earnings of each guild and provide a additional bonus to the players of the guild who perform well and a quarterly bonus to the guild as a whole which the leader gets to decide how itis divided up within min-max parameters. This fund will create a sort of universal ongoing passive income for players and players will receive additional units based on time with the fund or guild and may receive multiple units from various guilds if they participate in more than one. Percentages will be determined based on the unit that the person works for in the fund except for partners they receive guaranteed payments of no less than 5000 and no more than 70000 per year with a bonus based on involvement, experience, time with the organization, performance of the operations that they oversee or are in charge of, expense reimbursement of approved expenses and depending on the size of the fund and need. If the fund hits 25 million plus in assets under management and performance targets have been consistently met and or exceeded what was expected additional items such as a housing allowance, company car, home office allowance, medical insurance full payment , 401k,H.S.A, IRA, additional bonus to form the company taxable retirement fund which will invest in assets like syndicated real estate from farms, mhps, apts, industrial, vacation rentals, senior living facilities, rental of tangible personal property, crypto mining and staking operations, start up investments in promising companies and investment in btc, gold, silver, platinum, copper, rhoidium, other minteral and mining interests , cell towers, tax leins, raw land , Direct real estate in countries where the funds partners live so they can live in the building on 1-2 floors and the rest will be rented out. It will look at art ownership, whisky , collectibles, wine, rare cars, solar, wind, geothermal, cannibis farms, cannibis retail locations, stocks , bonds, convertible bonds and notes, trust deeds, bridge loans, futures, options, revenue shares, NFTs, LPs and yield farming, courses and books teaching people how to navigate the digital asset world, online store with digital asset accessories that we can refer new lps to go to and buy the various items needed such as a white label ledger wallet, other equipment and software to effectively be able to invest in the fund with the items getting us a commission via the referral links and apparel for the fund as well as various other items like hats , chairs , computers with are logo etc. All sorts of affiliate links to products they may be interested in where the affiliate link pays us as well for things we would have recommended and if they are a partner in the fund they receive 75% of the affiliate commission until the markup reaches 0 and the only profit we make would be the 25% of the commission. The fund will also eventually have its own gaming store where assets are sold for each game at deep discounts by utilizing group buys for all fund unit holders or people involved in the fund in some way. If you are not involved in the fund a membership NFT can be purchased to access the store and is a annual membership paid up front for 100 dollars per person and if someone is buying for others they will be charged the fee multiplied by the amount of ppl they sell to within 6 months from that account. This applies only if the volume is significant. There is also a $0 fee but all assets are marked up 25% from the cost we buy them at and for the 100 fee they are only marked up 5%. Also we will accept credit cards if a reserve is maintained for chargebacks for the year in your account and it will be deposited into a sub account where it will earn interest in a CD for one year or if its crypto the amount must be 125% and topped up if it declines past 100%. The person may dictate where the crypto is stored to earn fees or interest for them while the money is locked up and in addition to the reserve each person guarantees personally that any chargeback will be recourse and secured by all assets unless the chargeback is a result of a mistake made by us. If it is fraud committed by someone else it is not are responsibility and we must be reimbursed for any costs or losses as a result. If crypto is used no reserve is required to be kept only when credit or debit is used. A wire transfer will send the assets once it clears and a check will not be accepted unless its a certified check and the same reserve requirements are needed. Once someone has been a customer and done a certain volume of transactions with no issue the reserve req will be eliminated at are discretion. The reserve will only be for people doing over 5000 worth of transactions 6 months. Under 5000 does not require this and a group buy will not require this as only crypto will be accepted. A 5% fee for exchange of cash to crypto is charged and there will be a cash back in Profit Share DAO units for people who are large buyers and purchase annually over 50K in items and the DAO units will be given each year annually a distribution of 20% of the profits made from all sales and these profits will be used by the DAO to distribute these profits in the next year over 12 months each month. If there is a particular group buy or deal the profit dist may be accelerated. The distribution of the DAO units will be like a credit card point rebate and will only be useable at our store. If the points are sold or transferred to another person 5% is sent back to the DAO as a royalty and divided based on volume. This will not be a fund that is raising capital on HIVE but will be in a private round and on republic,start engine, wefunder, ground floor, crowdstreet, etc depending on what the fund is raising capital for as many sites specialize in certain types of deals. In addition each division or project will be able to raise capital and we will either treat the units as class A units which will get a ownership interest in the entire fund or class ? which will put all the persons capital toward one project and specially allocate the income, loss, debt, credits etc from that specific project only so people can be invested in all or just one or a few they like. This will not be a DAO structure for the fund it will be managed by the general partners and they have the voting units for the fund and the limited partners have no voting rights except in the DAOs and other things they may receive where it specifys it. The fund will consist of various entity types and complex tax issues and will never file its tax return before the extended due date so one must be prepared to extend until October each year as the information will not be ready until early September and the return will be prepared by 9/15 each year. The main goal of the fund is to invest in blockchain gaming and income generating positions with mitigated risk as well as other assets the fund deems a good idea or will be a good investment and create a positive tax impact so that the members will not pay tax or significantly reduces the taxable income reported on the K-1. US Shareholders may need to file fincen 114 or other foreign reporting documents related to the investment. Foreign investors may need to file us tax returns. The llc also may need to file in other countries as well where it may be deemed to be doing business. We want to be able to provide a one stop shop to investing in various e sports gaming and the assets that run the different parts of the games as well as create high risk adjusted tax advantaged returns by incorporating both digital and traditional investments in the fund. Investments will be selected by the general partners and can be also brought to the general partners for review by the lps and once the gps have selected investments they will be put to a vote to decide which ones will be invested in if the fund has to choose between them. The general partners have the ultimate say in the selection but will likely respect the vote when there are multiple vetted investments and all are liked. A limited partner may become a general partner if they decide they want to be involved in running the fund and have a skillset that is needed by us or have the skills to run/manage the investment in there home country which will make it much easier to do business there if a resident is the managing partner in the region. We may also be able to get various dual citizenships for many of the general partners depending on what countries we invest in and if they have a investment type passport and citizenship program. This will be useful for the ever changing crypto regulations and the possible need to leave one country and set up in a different one that is more favorable towards digital assets. The united states gps will definitely be getting a dual citizenship at some point so they have a variety of places they choose from that have a investment citizenship program. If a US partner is living abroad they may be able to exclude the income from certain countries using the foreign derived income exclusion which will prevent the income from being double taxed. If there is a investment that makes sense there the GPs will all apply for the passports so that they can go to the investment to run it or check on operations as well as potentially set up shop if the US becomes very unfavorable toward crypto related businesses. This will be a very complex fund and will require multiple funding rounds after the first round which will be the smallest friends and family round with the lowest 25K minimum after that 100K will be the minimum for anyone that does not know the gps or plan on being involved the minimum will be 100K but if they are going to be involved as a partner or 1099 contractor there minimum is 1000 dollars and some of there compensation will be restricted units with a 5 year vesting period on top of any dao units or other compensation. The fund will start out with just my assets of about 100K and be on TribeVest so people can see the performance and what im doing as well then they can request to invest or join which is probably the only partners other than specific requests for the first 6 months as I want to operate the partnership and show the performance before i take on any additional investors with the exception being partners that are helping run the company and contributing assets as well of amounts of 25-100K with at least 50K by the end of year 1 which will be the minimum for anyone that wants to be involved as a GP and run part of the group. This is not a offer to sell any securities and no company is formed yet. Any sale securities will be done via tribevest or on a equity crowdfunding platform that complies with the sec rules related to the various exemptions from registration. This will be similar to owning a interest in a hedge fund and many positions will be higher risk that just owning a mutual fund or portfolio of stocks. Also there may be more or less investments than written about and will be included in the operating agreement when it is finalized for the first draft. The operating agreement also may have additional provisions and items not discussed above as this is not ment to be a complete view of what the fund does or will do. It is a idea that parts are currently operating but I am operating them my self and the entity is not created yet but will be soon. Im sure this is way to complex for many ppl on here to want to deal with but if this type of thing sounds interesting then keep a eye out for posts about what im doing. I wouldn't expect it to be ready for at least a few months as I am still in the phase of researching the structures and testing things with my portfolio. This will not be a traditional DAO structure for the fund but may have daos within it, the fund will ultimately be controlled by myself and one or two other general partners. The limited partners would be investing because they like the strategy we are using or many strategies and want to put there capital to work passively in various investments that are not offered in many funds or other investment clubs. People who invest in this fund will need to have a very high risk tolerance and the ability to stay in the fund for multiple years as many of the projects are 5-10 year projects to get optimal returns. There will be distributions paid sometimes daily , weekly, quarterly , and annually depending on the underlying project. For the first 5 years 50% of the cash flow will be retained and reinvested in new projects or expand existing projects. A major focus will be on Splinterlands related companies and expanding the player base and starting projects that will help do that and make money for the fund as well. Once we get going we may also propose partnerships with a few projects on Hive that are very promising or invest directly in them as a passive investor or get involved actively. There are only a few that are being considered now and they are projects that we will be using there services already as well as a couple of the DAOs and other related games as the focus will be e sports mainly with ancillary investments to diversify and defer taxes for years as well as make a good investment. No whitepaper or operating agreement will be made public so if you want information you must request it after discussing your financial situation (status) with us via a phone call or video chat so that we can make sure this would be a good fit as we dont want people getting involved and realizing its to much risk for them or way to complex.