To be alone... is it to be calm? Or is it to be abandoned?

I think that to be alone is to be calm. Living with the hypocrisy of having people close to us who do not do us any good is bad, bad for our health, bad for our coexistence, in short... living under that situation is toxic for our live.



That is why I think that being calm and at peace is worth more than all the gold in the world, self-love should always go over the love we feel for other people, because if we are not able to be happy by ourselves in solitude, we will not be able to love others.

To be alone is to enjoy oneself as a person... to enjoy a movie alone, a meal alone, a trip alone is valid and certainly beautiful.

So my friends do not think that being alone is to be in abandonment, it is preferable to be like that, than to be in an environment surrounded by hypocritical people that only hurts our life. It is better to learn to let go for our well-being and you will see that you will not regret it.

With all this I am not saying that being in company is bad, nothing like that, but this will be good as long as the company you have makes you grow, helps you to be better, does not humiliate you, does not insult you, does not attack you... alone or accompanied is better when there is peace... that's what matters your peace...

Thanks a million for reading me and see you soon.