The Utopia of the Positive Development Model to the Environment.

Hello friends, I hope you are all very well.

Today I want to share with you my impressions about what have been called business models with a positive impact on the environment.

Which are those business models where recyclable materials are used, or wastewater is efficiently treated to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

But in all honesty, while I welcome such initiatives, I do have a couple of complaints about them... and that is the fact that people are usually not informed of the truth. There is a lot we don't know, but in order not to make this post so long I will mention two examples.



The Recycling Lie.



Currently there are 80,000 different types of plastic compounds known in the world, as we can all appreciate day by day we come across plastics with different properties than others... the plastic on the keyboard where I write these words is not the same as the one in the juice bottle I drink from... of those 80. 000 only 4 are efficiently recyclable... of course... those 4 are the most commonly used... but even so, reports indicate that only 30% of the plastic collected in Europe is recycled... where does the other 70% go I wonder, and we are talking about Europe friends... so how do you think it is here?

Collecting plastic and transporting it generates logistical problems that are still not solved, and higher energy consumption, and processing it also has an additional energy consumption that makes it cheaper in some cases to buy new plastic raw material than to recycle... and even if you manage to complete the whole process you don't even RECYCLE anything in fact... recycling implies that the resulting material serves the same utility as in its previous state... which is not the case with plastic, the result is of inferior quality....

I know it sounds bad... and if you don't believe me go here and put recycling in the search engine...

The green advertising strategy.

A study done by IBM and the National Retail Federation indicated that up to 70 percent of consumers are willing to pay up to 35 percent more for a specific product or brand if it is committed in its strategies to generate a positive impact on the environment...
Sounds nice... and it speaks very well of the Mexican brothers as a society... the problem is that as I said before there are many half-truths in the world of sustainable technologies, and a company can very well say that their plastic packaging can be recycled to sell, as only 5% of that plastic ends up recycled...

I know that focusing on what I said above looks bad, but I mention it because it is important to know the truth of the situation if we want to do something to remedy it, just as the doctor has to do tests to know what the patient has and be able to treat it, or the engineer needs to disassemble the device to know that it is not working. And I want to add something... ecological initiatives should not be seen as something to save the planet... no matter what happens the planet will still be here, life in this world has faced meteorites, climatic catastrophes and tremendous solar flares... and even so it has prospered.... no gentlemen, the goal is not to save the planet, if climate change continues its course the ones who are going to die are us as a species... ask yourselves something, when in the seas you cannot fish, when the great extensions of crops in Ukraine or the center of the USA do not give the same harvests, what do you think will happen in the world, a world where humanity continues to grow exponentially...

War my friends... as never seen before, remembering Einstein's phrase 'I do not know with what weapons the third world war will be fought, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones'.

So what can we do about it? Well, the answer may be right there between those lines, supporting businesses that are sincerely committed to have a positive impact on the environment, to inform us about it so we can act consciously and efficiently in our initiatives, because in the world there are people who make a lot of money damaging the environment and do not want ordinary people to know how it really works. To keep us blind and buying.

And finally also support the scientific development of technologies that allow not only to give solutions such as recycling, but that have a really important and positive impact on the environment ... electric cars are not going to save us if we continue to generate electricity by burning hydrocarbons ... the solution would be safe and efficient nuclear energy or technologies such as the promising hydrogen fusion reactor which would give a lot of energy and in a clean way.

The truth is that... if something is clear to me is that the intention in the common people, we the people, the workers have the intention to prevent the world from being destroyed and we are willing to make sacrifices for it. And it is as if not, we the common people are the first affected when things get worse, we are the ones who pay more and more for the same food, we are the ones who live in areas that are flooded or where droughts make it impossible to work the field, there are already refugees by climate change friends, and they are not in Europe, they are in Africa Asia and Latin America ... so we all intend to do something about it. That gives me hope.... And every day, we can see new initiatives, I believe that if it is possible to create a sustainable development model, we only need more information my friends... information, intention... will...

And with that last I say goodbye friends... I hope you find the information I gave you useful, any opinion or suggestion please, I read them in the comments.

Recommended Bibliographic Reference

[1]Positive Environmental Impact


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