Renewable Energies as allies of the Planet and Nature.


What are renewable energies.

They are all energy sources that are in the ability to regenerate in a short period of time, these energies are called clean, green and inexhaustible because they come from the sun, air, and water.



Renewable energies are used to generate electricity, and in turn enjoy all the benefits that electricity provides, such as generating fuels, heating homes, refrigeration, hydrogen, oxygen, transportation, and also help with the mitigation of environmental problems including pollution and all its consequences.

The importance of this topic lies in the fact that besides being less polluting and more sustainable, these types of renewable energy generate jobs, minimize production costs, reduce pollution and diseases, seek reuse, as well as electrical efficiency and the preservation of human quality.

The main objective of renewable energy is not to emit CO2 or gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, so with this type of renewable energy we take advantage of natural resources, and also protect the environment and the quality of life of all its surroundings.

Many will wonder how these renewable energies are obtained, and is that they need wind turbines to transform wind energy into electricity, in the case of solar energy solar panels are needed to obtain it.

Characteristics of renewable energies.

  • Its origin is from natural sources.
  • By the simple fact of being natural, they are clean energies, almost without carbon presence, autochthonous, complementary and the best of all is that they are unlimited.
  • It strengthens the market and economies, since electricity consumption is lower and less polluting.

These renewable energies are classified into two groups.

The first group is clean, non-polluting energies.
-Blue energy: This is fresh water in salt water bodies.
-Wind energy: This is created by wind.

-Geothermal energy: It is generated by the heat of the earth.
-Hydraulic energy: It is produced by the current of rivers.
-Tidal energy: It is produced by the seas and oceans.
-Solar energy: It is produced by the sun.
-Wave energy: It is produced by the waves.



The second group is pollutant energies.

-These arise from organic matter or biomass that are used for fuel in vegetable oil such as bioethanol and biodiesel.

-Urban solid waste, such as sludge from water treatment plants and water purification plants.

Difference between renewable energies and other energy sources.

-We begin with the meaning of renewable energies: This is of natural origin, they do not run out, they are regenerated since they are from natural sources such as the sun or the wind.

Clean energies: These are also usually renewable, for example natural gas is a non-renewable clean energy.

Alternative energies: These can be renewable or clean, but they are different from traditional energies such as fossil fuels, and above all they do not require the burning of other non-renewable resources.

Conventional energies: These are by burning fossil fuels or nuclear energy, non-renewable in any sense.

Conventional energies; the non-renewable ones for the production of electricity by burning fossil fuels or nuclear energy.

In the advantages of renewable energy can be in naming.

-Unlike fossil fuels, this energy is reusable, does not produce polluting waste or combustion, is environmentally friendly, encourages sustainability and the welfare of mankind.

In the disadvantages of renewable energy can be named.

-It requires a large investment to start these projects.
-Difficult storage.
-Occupation of territory.
-Power may be low.

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