20 Easy Topics for School Presentations.

When children are in the school stage, preparing and making a presentation takes time and stress, so these topics below are easy and simple for our children to present in class.



1-Eating disorders in children and adolescents.
This is a topic that is very controversial nowadays, especially for girls who are the ones who suffer more from this type of eating disorders. This topic helps to create awareness to the youngest, who from that stage of school are concerned about their physical appearance and how they look, as a result may fall into an eating problem such as anorexia or bulimia. So this is a good point to address.

This topic is easy and basic to explain in an exhibition. Children usually like plants and this point is important because this is the way to learn how the plant world is united with the animal world.

3- Our solar system.
Children also find this topic very interesting and fun. Knowing more about the sky and the stars generates excitement so making a presentation on this topic is easy, just a description of the planets that are in the solar system and that's it.

4- Bullying at school.
This topic is very important for parents and children, and even for those mentioned above, because in this way children can know how they can be victims of bullying both at school and elsewhere where there may be physical or psychological harassment.

5- Pollution.
Water, soil, acoustic, light, thermal and visual pollution, nowadays with the pollution and climate change that we are suffering in the whole world, the topics about pollution and its types are of great importance, since knowing this topic we can avoid that we continue contributing to pollution and create awareness about this serious problem.

6- the cigarette and its effects against health.
Nowadays the consumption of cigarettes is not only of the elderly, the youth has also chosen to have the bad habit of using it for fashion without knowing the serious effects it causes on the health of human beings.

7- The digestive system.
Our body is also very important and we must know it. Through a good presentation on this topic you can learn about the digestive system and how it works.

8- The male and female reproductive system.
This topic is very important for school children, it may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning but it is necessary to know this. Also taking advantage of it, the topic of contraception can be touched upon.

9- Sustainable consumption.
Like pollution, this topic is of utmost importance to know and understand, as well as to raise awareness and recycle to help the environment.

10- Types of sports.
Most children love sports, and this point can be very entertaining and interesting for them. Just select the sports of preference of the person who is going to present this topic and that's it.

11- The ecosystem and its types.
Since there are different types of ecosystems, there is a lot of material to cut on this topic, however they are easy topics to talk about.

12- The kingdoms of living beings.
Here also there is a lot of fabric to cut, however it is also a very easy and interesting topic.

13- Early pregnancy.
This topic cannot be left unsaid in schools since there is currently a high rate of teenage pregnancies all over the world, so this topic should be discussed before puberty in schools.

14- The advance of technology and artificial intelligence.
Today's children know that technology is advancing rapidly and it is necessary to know these technologies. And since children love this kind of topics, they will be attentive and attentive in listening to everything related to it.

15- The brain: functions and parts.
If the digestive system topic is important and interesting, the brain topic will be even better. In this topic you can easily explain how the brain works and its parts.

16- Exercise: How does it benefit our body?
From an early age children should be taught the culture of sports and the benefits it gives our body to practice it. This point is easy and quick to understand.

17- Nutrition and good nutrition.
Children should learn to eat healthy, that means they should learn what is convenient and what is not. This point is easy and will surely serve them with a lot of knowledge.

18- Global warming and the greenhouse effect.
This point goes hand in hand with pollution, and just like that topic, global warming and its consequences are a good point to touch on and explain.

19- Animals in danger of extinction.
At present there are many animals in danger of extinction, and all this is due to the bad actions we have taken as human beings. This topic may be extensive but it is not difficult to explain.

20- The integration of minorities in society.
In the XXI century there still exists in some parts of it the inequality of many societies and this topic invites to diversify and integrate people who are different from the rest.

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