11 Benefits of Garlic for Women.


We all know that garlic is a super flavor enhancer since everything we put garlic on it is great to taste, but we don't necessarily have to use garlic for meals, since consuming it frequently has a beneficial effect on our health girls!


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According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center garlic is rich in antioxidants, this is crushed can be used as a natural antibiotic that can help treat various ailments.

1-Reduces blood pressure: garlic is a food that dilates blood vessels, this means that it improves circulation and as a benefit lowers blood pressure.

2-It eliminates fatigue in pregnancy: those who have already gone through the stage of pregnancy, we know that being in that situation can cause discomfort, including fatigue. Consuming garlic increases energy and destroys bad bacteria and helps us alleviate this discomfort.

3-Goodbye vaginal infections: since it is a natural antibiotic, it is very useful to treat intimate infections, especially candida and candidiasis.

4-Reduces the risk of cancer: according to the National Cancer Institute, women should consume garlic frequently to reduce the chances of stomach, colon, breast and other cancers.

5-Lowers and stabilizes cholesterol: Garlic oil is so potent that it is able to reduce cholesterol levels in the human body, as a benefit to lower the chances of heart disease.

6-Maintains metabolic balance: consuming a clove of garlic a day keeps the metabolism active, and as a benefit prevents obesity.

7-Excellent healing: in addition to relieving fatigue during pregnancy, consuming it during this stage will help us at the time of childbirth and healing, whether cesarean section or natural prevents perineal tearing.

8-Gestational diabetes: many can go through this situation during this stage, but it can be avoided by consuming garlic frequently to stimulate insulin production and lower blood sugar.


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9-educes painful menstruation episodes: as already explained garlic serves as an antibiotic and also as an anti-inflammatory, so it reduces discomfort such as inflammation and pain.

10-Prevents varicose syndrome: for women suffering from varicose veins garlic helps dilate blood vessels and improves circulation.

11-Reduces inflammation: garlic contains sulfuric compounds that help fight inflammation by simply rubbing the affected area.

The National Cancer Institute explains that the World Health Organization recommends eating a piece of garlic daily to enjoy all these benefits that garlic has.

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