TIPPING REWARDS, a comprehensive guide for the beginners


What are tipping rewards?

Tipping rewards are such rewards that can be rewarded to the author by placing the respective bot commands into the comment section.
When you will see for the first time why there are some bots in the comments, you may feel what are these. In my case, I didn't know about these things but these are very amazing as the will bring some rewards for you.
Though you will see many bot commands started with "!" sign but all those TIPPING currencies have their certain conditions to use. And it is difficult to find out all these rules and regulation together.

In this post I will summarize all of these TIPPING currencies. I will help you to start with these TIPPING REWARDS so that you can also give these rewards to others and help these TIPPING currencies for their developments.


One of the mostly used tipping currency is the PIZZA. you can see many comments including "!PIZZA" through which anyone can send PIZZA to the author by holding some PIZZA to their account.

You can learn more about PIZZA token here PIZZA token info

Now let's check out the requirements to send some PIZZA.

  • You need 20 $PIZZA in your account
  • Just type "!PIZZA" in any comment
  • The PIZZA bot will send 0.1 $PIZZA (a slice) to the person you are replying
    Isn't so simple? you can support many of the people you want to support everyday.

What's the price of PIZZA?
You can buy some PIZZA and check the current value here To buy PIZZA



Let's talk about a free TIPPING CURRENCY which has no requirement to send reward to any creator. It is a comment based currency that is created per comment in the Hive blockchain.
You have to type "!HBIT" in the comment section and that's it.
You will send the author 0.9 HBIT and you will get 0.1 HBIT.
You can get the whole HBIT by commenting in your own post.
You can read details here about HBIT project
You can trade HBIT here HBIT trading



Do you want to share some jokes with your reward to your favorite author then you can use the LOLZ tipping currency.
To send your tip just type "!LOLZ" into the comment section and the lolz-bot will do the rest.
You can send multiple LOLZ by holding more LOLZ token to your Hive wallet. You can learn more here LOLZ token detail


You can buy LOLZ token from here LOLZ market



LUV is another TIPPING CURRENCY in Hive blockchain. You can send some tipping LUV by typing "!LUV" into the comment section, if you hold some LUV in your Hive wallet.
You can learn details about the LUV project here LUV token details
Anyone with at least 10 LUV in their wallet can send LUV tokens. Also, you can share up to 3 at once by the following instruction.


If you want multiple calls you need more LUV tokens in your wallet as the following chart.


You can buy LUV token from here LUV token market



BEER is another TIPPING CURRENCY to celebrate a drink with your favorite author.
If you have 24 staked BEER you can call once a day by typing "!BEER" to send a tip of 0.1 BEER free of charge to anyone.
240 staked BEER can call 10 times a day.
You can learn about BEER here BEER token details
You can buy some BEER token from here BEER market



Another excellent TIPPING currency in Hive blockchain is the ALIVE token. It has a big group and many running projects.
You can learn more about ALIVE here ALIVE details
The tipping bot sends out 0.1 ALIVE token tips by a comment command "!ALIVE"
At least 1000 ALIVE staked is need with the following 4 levels.

  • Level 1: 1k AP = 10 tips per day
  • Level 2: 5k AP = 20 tips per day
  • Level 3: 20k AP = 30 tips per day
  • Level 4: 100k AP = 40 tips per day

You can buy ALIVE token from here ALIVE market



BBH is another TIPPING token which target to be equal to 1 satoshi of a BTC which is amazing concept to mark the price.
You can send a tip by typing "!BBH" into comment section as other bot commands.
You can learn about BBH from here BBH info
To send tip you should have 1000 BBH in your account to send 1 BBH per day.
You can send10 people 1 BBH daily if you own 10,000 BBH.

Right now that equals 1/1000 BBH dedicated to tipping. Or .1 percent. That will carry it for 1000 days.
You can buy BBH token from here BBH market



WINE is another TIPPING currency in Hive blockchain.
If you have at least 25 WINE token in you Hive wallet you can call the bot by typing a comment of "!wine" "$wine" "!WINE" "$WINE"
For more call you can follow the following chart

  • 25 WINE 1 call per day Author reward: 0.1 WINE Curator reward: 0.1 WINE
  • 75 WINE2 calls per day Author reward: 0.2 WINE Curator reward: 0.2 WINE
  • 225 WINE3 calls per day Author reward: 0.3 WINE Curator reward: 0.3 WINE
  • 675 WINE4 calls per day Author reward: 0.4 WINE Curator reward: 0.4 WINE
  • 2025 WINE5 calls per day Author reward: 0.5 WINE Curator reward: 0.5 WINE

You can learn more from here WINE details

You can buy WINE from here WINE market



ENGAGE is a TIPPING currency in Hive blockchain and if you have at least 1000 ENGAGE you can send 50 ENGAGE by typing "!ENGAGE 50" in a reply to a comment.
You can learn more about ENGAGE here ENGAGE details

You can buy ENGAGE from here ENGAGE market


Hope you have enjoyed my post, now you can send some tips to your favorite authors everyday.
Your rewards will develop the Hive blockchain from both ends.

Thank you very much for reading my post. Hope to see you at my next post.

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