Winter and a gray day on the city streets


And here is a new day, winter and gray mist.
On the streets of the city since early morning.
But all this grayness was gradually coming.
On the streets of the city, as in this photo.


Taking in the gray of the surrounding world.
And so you just have to look at what's going on.
And nature still stands before us in its grayness.
That, too, is the beauty of the winter landscape.


And gradually the sun disappeared into the mist.
And so the day continues to take over the gray.
The grayness somehow creeps in, changing everything.
All around us, it's like a kind of darkness and gloom.


The graphics of winter give as its amazing beauty.
Which for the photographer provided inspiration.
This is how the very creativity for the photo is born.
And the big trees are drowned in snow and drifts.


It makes me want to, just like when I was a kid.
To run through those white or gray snow drifts.
We can see all this beauty of nature in the picture.
But it's also clear how fragile all this beauty is.


And here in front of us is a blue spruce on a city street.
The spruce is all covered in snow and standing in the cold.
Just look at the beauty of this winter landscape photo.
Quite a rare photo, because there are few such spruces.


A big tree stands all covered in frost in winter.
In the morning it is interesting to see this beauty.
The whole tree is covered with crystals in the frost.
And we can see just as well the grayness of the day.


For any of us, winter means cold and frost.
And how do plants survive all these colds?
I think for all plants, winter is just as cold.
We never get to see that beauty in the summer.


Trees in the city park and at home.
All of this is in snow and grayness.
A wave of gray in the middle of the day.
And then it begins to snow quietly.


The high-rise apartment buildings behind the park.
Immersed as they are in this gray color of winter.
It's noon, and it's as dark as evening all around.
And so, apparently, it will be until late in the evening?


Many trees are also standing in the snow.
Winter, January, a lot of snow and frost.
Such a picture before us in the morning.
And so we want the sun to come out.


And as an addition - here is such amazing beauty.
A beauty that we want to keep as a memento.
That's why the photographer has to take a lot of pictures.
To photograph this moment of a gray day (quickly).



Hi all, my friends, I wanted to share many pictures today of my winter walk today in the last days of January. Winter and a gray day on the streets of the city as a little illustration of what's going on. The morning of the new day started out kind of nice and even sunny, but then it went completely wrong. The weather changed abruptly, the sun disappeared behind a gray mist. And all this grayness gradually took over the whole world around us. And all this happened in front of my eyes, as I was on a walk at the time and saw it all for myself. In addition, I decided right away that I needed to take pictures of everything that was happening, so that the gray day would remain in my photo archive. Which I actually did. And you can see the result of my walk in the pictures of this post. That was my photo report about a gray winter day. I was in touch with you @antikus369

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via DeepL Translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.



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