The beauty of summer sunsets


Sunset on the city in the evening, which gives the photo some kind of magical mystery. Such a picture makes you feel a little uneasy when you look at it. The good thing is that it passes quickly.


And here we have such a picture of nature - Sunset in summer on the river. A very beautiful picture to show the viewer. There is no repetition of the sunset on this day. Do you like it?


My grandson while traveling through the cities of Italy. He is at sea at this moment with such a beautiful natural sunset. We managed to capture this moment by taking several of these photos.


Italy, La Spezia - Liguria region. A popular seaside resort where many tourists come from all over the world. The city is known for a large number of museums. Amazing beauty of nature at sunset.


Very good pictures can be taken at sunset in the countryside. A photo session at sunset, the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of the place - this is the key to success for any photographer.


Wonderful moments at sunset. Beauty gives us the opportunity to accept the beauty that opens up for us through nature, so that we accept from the world around us what we see in front of us.


This is the beauty of amazing nature, where there is a place for any person. A place in nature, where there is a beloved sea, cool waves, boundless sky, clouds above us and a golden sunset. So?


The music of the day and the amazing beauty of nature, the dance of a couple at sunset and a passionate kiss. How great it is when there is such an opportunity for us in unity with nature.


It is also possible to see such amazing beauty of nature when the photographer has the opportunity to capture a man under sail on a board (surfing). Let it be a small sail, but this photo well captures the beauty of all that is going on at that moment in the evening at sunset.



Hello all, my friends! A good opportunity has arisen with the fact that you can post your sunset photos in the Sunset Photography Community. And here we can already show that great mystery of the amazing beauty of nature that we observe, revealed at the very moment when the sun sets over the horizon during the sunset. This is that Golden Hour in nature, friends! Sunset gives us that feeling of elation and happiness we dream about. Some see it from their homes, and some see it in their travels. But we all want the same thing, to see the beauty of the sunset and if possible photograph it. It's a shame that all this beauty of nature doesn't last very long. The sunset very quickly disappears over the horizon and the hour of dusk comes, which then turns into night. But that's a whole other subject for the photographer to show the viewer. I was with you @antikus369

-original photo;
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-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via DeepL Translator from Russian)

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It's amazing the view of the sun on the beach, especially when we are surrounded by people we love to see this beautiful sight.