Amazing natural beauty and a winter sunset on the river


Amazing natural beauty of the winter landscape.
And this is a winter sunset on the river. Do you like it?
I think so! Everyone always likes such beauty.
Winter, sunset on the river, snow, drifts and frost.


Just look - what a beauty of a winter sunset in front of us.
The fiery ball of sun sets over the horizon line at sunset.
We have a real picture of winter in front of us in this photo.
And for me, as a photographer, it's also an inspiration.


Even a lone tree becomes beautiful at sunset.
Such are the wonders of the winter landscape in nature.
The background of the sunset makes for a magical picture.
Which attracts the eye of any of us at this golden hour.


And that is the extraordinary beauty of this place.
Although in front of us are just reeds on the river.
But the reeds are all in the snow and at sunset.
Because yesterday it snowed and covered everything.


A lone tree on the river completes the landscape with beauty.
Winter landscape on the river at sunset in the evening.
It turns out to be a fabulous and fantastic shot for this photo.
The tree itself, as if on fire in the light from the sunset.


Such beauty of amazing nature gives us moments of delight.
And we enjoy this winter landscape with the sunset on the river.
And it is very good when you have time to capture this moment.
A moment of beauty, which in a few minutes will not be in nature.



Hi all, my friends! It's impossible to avoid the sunset theme, and in winter the sunset is so beautiful. The snow, frost and sunset complement the beauty of the winter landscape. The amazing beauty of nature and the winter sunset on the river are photos that give us photographers great inspiration for creativity. Any of us understand the beauty of nature as an artist and even as a poet. Because inspiration comes very often not only in taking pictures, but also something to write, as a work of art (pictures of the landscape and winter sunrise) or in the field of poetry (poems about winter or sunrise). Any creativity is related to nature and its amazingly beautiful landscapes. We all see it, taking in the beauty of nature and wanting to show it to the viewers. To our family and friends, so that they can see this beauty of nature. And as an example - this winter landscape with a sunset on the river. Such was my photo report today.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via DeepL Translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.