A Gray Day or a Song of Winter


Winter has come, it has descended from the heavens,
The days are full of snow,
The silver is a sight for sore eyes,
The loss is suddenly without number!

There's a blizzard outside the window,
The wind howls in anger
In the wires of the day sings,
And in the night it breaks the sleep,
As if calling for fear,
Or scares the evil snow away,
And sweeps, sweeps, sweeps...


The winter sings, the blizzard sends a song,
The steppe is dressed in snow,
And is drowned in them "in bed",
Giving the calendar a new account!

It's snowing in bunches,
The blizzard's walking in the steppe,
And what she sings about,
No one knows yet,
But everyone's soul is suffering,
And to that song they fall asleep,
The blizzard moans and sings!


Winter is coming and going,
The winds throwing snow all around,
And we live without knowing,
What does she want in the cold?

It's beating in the darkness of the window,
Howling somewhere in the darkness,
And the wind is swirling in the snow,
In the cold snowy confusion,
And it makes me sad,
In this cold winter's "day",
I can't sing!


The winter has snowed in, the sleep of the days has been destroyed,
Though it's such grace,
In beauty, what is there to be wished...
When it has multiplied the delight!

It dances and whirls and whirls and whirls,
The heavens have fallen,
As if a Moloch were spinning the world,
Or the devil come with a plague,
And the blizzard is whipping the world,
And in the midst of the days of darkness,
And in the midst of days of darkness.


Winter with snows, in front of us,
Draws vital pictures,
They are soulfully sweet to us,
In a fairy-tale rapture!

Outside the window the frost is pressing in,
Blizzard and wind are gone,
It's the king of the cold that rules the ball,
The winter is here to stay,
The days of warmth are gone again,
In winter's whirlwind, snowy upward,
And the dream won't leave us till spring!


Where are these snow reserves,
Where do the serbras come from?
Before us...
The beautiful winter's deceiver,
Snow covers all the countryside and homes,
Winter is here!

Whence comes the wind and the cold,
In the midst of snowstorms and blizzards?
And we rejoice...
That the whole town is captive
Round so fairy-tale, houses, fumes,
We welcome the first step of winter!



When suddenly I hear music in a rush,
Chopin, Mozart - I confess my heart aches.
In the midst of loneliness in a vast cold house,
My soul sings with a wounded soul!

And the city is quiet, clothed with snow,
And the blizzard howls somewhere in the chimney...
I hear music sent by the gods,
Does it sound as if in a dream?

And until morning, the organ never stops,
And I sit, the stove only melted.
The fire, with its logs and its warmth, plays,
And my existence is prolonged for another day!

Let the music of the Universe never cease,
There's only darkness and emptiness ahead.
The hour of loneliness tastes of the fall,
And in that fall the dream perishes!



-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via DeepL Translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.



Lovely poem for a chilly and powerful sight. Must have been a hell of a blizzard.


Yes, there was a heavy snowstorm at night, but less so in the morning.