The path to 1,500 continues... stumbling continuously but, continues

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This is what some may call a grey Chess session. I won 3 games, I lost 2, a pretty great win rate of 66% but still not enough to make me feel satisfied, especially when the goal is to grow 450 ELO points in 11 months, not a hard feat if you are a dedicated person, but also not a simple and easy task that can be done by just sitting on my ass eating chips and playing chess willy nilly.

I made a small change to my usual game sessions. Instead of playing at my best level - currently 1074 - I am playing on a slightly lower level so that I can practice speaking and explaining my logic without getting butchered. As you can see, after having two straight chess sessions where I lost like 80% of the games I played, this session was quite different, and all I had to was play against a tini tiny lower rated players.

As you can see, in case you are one of the two persons that watch my videos, I am getting quite better at speaking to the audience through a webcam and talk about the chess game in place, so that's another win for me :D

I hope you like it, and if you want to play an online chess game with me so we can post that, leave a comment here and we'll coordinate to make it happen!

About this video-series

Chess is a beautiful game, and despite the fact that I'm not great at it, I'm also not that bad.

I learned how to play Chess when I was around 10 years old but I never actually took any lessons, I just played it every once in a while with my dad, and at one point I even got good enough to actually play in the school tournaments. I never won, my best place was second against a guy (or kid? We were like 12 or 13 at the time) who knew just a little bit more tactics than me, if I try to remember I think he knew about the concept of Forks, whereas I was just very good at calculating exchanges and overall positions, but if one of the players knows about Forks and discovered attacks and the other doesn't, then the game will be incredibly one-sided.

Either way, I kept playing over the years but I never took the time to actually get better. I would still kick every other guy who said "I can play chess" but whenever I faced someone who actually played I would get destroyed.

A few months ago I started to play again for fun and damn, I got so much better in no time by taking some online lessons at and I indeed understood more about the game.

I am currently learning code, more specifically JavaScript and CSS but every time I need some air or to clear my mind, I play a short 10 minute game of chess, which if you think about it, instead of playing three 10 minute games in one day, I could actually try and set a goal for me, stick to it, and upload the progress to Threespeak.

Right now I am at 1,020 ELO rate on and I intend to reach 1,500 by December 2022.
This is Chess for ThreeSpeak. No censorship, lots of bad words, open to anyone who wants to have a tab open of someone ranting at the screen everytime he loses a game, or chanting victory songs every time I get a win.

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Good to see you man! Hope you have been well!

I love chess and didn't know you play. You seem really serious about it and a force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps I should challenge you to a game on and mentally prepare for the ensuing whooping that I will probably get. I haven't played in a while 😄