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There are a lot of passive accounts. Especially with @fellonious I would regret a removal due to passivity very much, being the second last in the list below, because the initial investment was quite ambitious and would be removed in the process.

With 33 scrolls still remaining until the upgrade of our Lodge, I still expect change. Those who become active in time will prevent their own removal with this. From those who stay passive the one with the least scrolls will be removed, no matter how decorated.



  • Timetable
  • Internal Player Score Table
  • If you are new to this
    • What we expect from any member, in a nutshell
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08/04 06:00 PM CEST - top-up auction ending, one account will be removed (if all spots are filled)
07/30 05:13 AM CEST - @phantomx123 joined
07/30 10:20 AM CEST - @assanness27 removed because of ignoring this text
07/30 06:48 AM CEST - @assanness27 joined
07/30 08:00 PM CEST - @masteryu20 removed because of ignoring this text
07/30 05:03 PM CEST - @masteryu20 joined
07/30 04:03 PM CEST - @the7collector removed because of ignoring this text
07/30 12:11 AM CEST - @the7collector joined
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Internal Player Score Table

Actively contributing accounts within the recent blawl and its position by score:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledfavorite Tier 1f/T 2

@mr-inc scheduled for removal, if all accounts become active in time.

Passive accounts with no DEC or Scroll contribution within the recent blawl:

-- none

Passive accounts with no DEC or Scroll contribution for more then the recent blawl, and therefore scheduled for removal:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledDays agoTier 1 favoriteTier 2 fav

@ninbum33 scheduled for removel

For more recent notes an unofficial draft is at

If you are new to this

Become familiar with the member management, please. Because the guild spots are precious, the last in our list will be removed regularly. That is part of our procedure as noted in the addendum linked at the bottom. And if you don't acknowledge all this within the first 2 hours after you joined, you may be removed without notice right away. How can we know? Well, you'll see! And any questions are welcome anytime!

Please understand, it is not on me to show comprehension. I'll do the best I can! Though this guild is somewhat managed like a DAO. That is Decentral Autonomous Organisation. So I simply follow the procedures that have evolved here by now. And for when you become passive and no one can reach out to you in time, ugly things can happen. As documented in past notes. See e.g.

If you want to join and stay, we can make that happen even with presently no open spot available. We may schedule it for that you can be there the moment our weakest contributor is removed. Sounds familiar somehow? Like with a mob abandoning their weakest offspring to survive a predator attack. Your contribution needs to be enough for not being the weakest. Everyone who got removed is welcome any time again. It's just that contributions from earlier are at zero any time an account re-joines.

What we expect from any enduring member, in a nutshell:

Priority A: Some contribution within the last 2 brawls. Without at least 1 DEC even a quest scroll will make this, if the Lodge is not maxed out for the rest of a season.

Priority B: Be not the weakest contributor in our mob the moment an auction ends. This moment is when a new brawl starts. The second to last score in the list is bold highlighted. That is the tide you need to take in DEC without scrolls added to the lodge yet for outpacing that account.

Link to addendum

For our recent Member Management Notes Addendum with general guidelines and procedures see