You don't have all the time in the world, you cannot have it all.
This is the truth we try to hide from, the lie we allow to stay with us.
You only have enough time to do what you were made to do, you waste time when you do things that are not meant for you.

If you're not happy now, with what you are. You would never be happy with what you want to be.
What you think about your situation now will determine where you go next.
Your life is a visual representation of your thoughts.

These are thoughts that have been a source of anxiety for me for a really long time, and the best option for me was to avoid thoughts like this.
Even though I knew they were important to building the kind of future I wanted, I didn't just want to deal with feelings I get alongside these kinds of thoughts.

I usually get anxious everytime because I didn't think I was capable of getting the kind of life I wanted. I was struggling with doubts, when I realized the determinant of Success, I didn't believe I had what it took to achieve it so I panicked and avoided the thoughts.

You can only do it if you believe

That's the secret most successful people have used to get to where they are today and yet not many people believe.

Where I am at this moment in life is a testimony. It is true, you can do whatever you believe you can.
Your body can, you have what it takes, all that is left to do is convince your mind.
All the times I couldn't achieve the goals I set for myself, was a result of self doubt and one of the techniques I use to reduce that silly voice is words of affirmation.
I keep reminding myself that I can, and I will.
I have not gotten to where I want to but I will. How do I know this?
It's because since I started believing I can, I have been achieving the goals I set for myself. These are just steps to getting the life you want.


I don't know who needs to hear this, or maybe you have heard this, this is a reminder, you can do this, you have all it takes to get the life you want.
I want to encourage you, in this journey that we are on together, the most important tool is your mind, and trust me when you have a positive mind every other thing will fall in place.

Thank you for reading my post today.